Planning the perfect vacation or cruise can be tough going. And while there are several online services to help you book a flight, we've found that many travelers simply don't have the time or specialized knowledge to plan an entire vacation by themselves. To make the best of your trip or cruise, you often need to speak to a travel professional, but very few people have a list or source of great agents to work with.

With, getting expert knowledge and quotes from up to 3 travel agents who specialize in your particular type of trip isn't a hassle. We spent a lot of time designing a simple and easy-to-use website. We think you'll find it quite refreshing! The great thing about is that we are completely unbiased. We aren't trying to sell you anything, and our sole mission is to make the traditionally difficult task of finding a good travel agent easy.

Use and use it again and again every time you travel to far away lands or sail the seven seas. Remember, a travel agent who specializes in one trip may not be the best for the next. That's why we're here.

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Company History

Tripology was originally founded in July 2006 as 1Trip3. In January 2007, the company received a Venture Capital investment from Ascend Venture Group, and shortly thereafter the company changed its name to Tripology. launched for travel agents in March 2007 and launched a basic trip request product for consumers in May 2007. In June 2007, Tripology officially launched for consumers, enabling travelers to submit detailed trip requests to specialized travel agents that matched their specifications.