[meen kyolë] Custom Dress Design

[meen kyolë] Custom Dress Design

We all want to look our best and it is our firm belief that looking good is less about the latest fashion from london, new york, paris, tokyo, milan... and more about personalities - us, our figures, our fancies, our fashions.

With custom made clothes we can all look our very best - with [meen kyolë] every item is hand made with care and attention to detail but more importantly, it is made to fit you and to bring out the best in you.

for further information, contact:

Anja Riis, Principal Designer & Founder
[meen kyolë] Custom Dress Design

office:  773-404-6130
mobile:  216-288-4213
google talk:  anja.riis

3246 N. Wilton Ave., suite 1
Chicago, IL 60657


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