Matrix Marketing Group, LLC

Matrix Marketing Group, LLC

Matrix Marketing Group is a full-service marketing and public relations firm that helps small to medium sized companies with proven strategic solutions for marketing, branding and profitable growth.

Until now no marketing agencies addressed the key issues of the small to mid-sized firms, like lead generation, direct marketing, public relations, Web design, advertising, sales and channel distribution. The options were to go call and manage multiple agencies (e.g., Marketing, Ad, Web, and PR firms) to get guidance and support. What happened was a lack of integration, difficultly in communication and coordination very similar to the computer industry with multiple vendors running a network, hardware and software. There was no accountability. Our proven experience, strategic expertise and creative talent enable us to produce holistic insights and a coordinated approach to deliver results. We have the depth and breadth unlike any traditional ad, marketing, PR, Web and design agencies. You can get a strategic and affordable perspective all from one partner. Matrix Marketing Group offers integrated marketing solutions—traditional agencies are not set up to handle these situations.

Consulting Services: Our consulting services are offered as packages or customized to meet your needs. Experienced sales and marketing professionals offer strategic counsel, market research reports, competitive analysis, marketing plan/program assessments, channel development plans and team mentorship.

Outsourced Marketing Services: An interim or virtual marketing team executes strategic marketing plans, brand strategies, websites, collateral, public relations campaigns, and direct marketing programs.

Public Relations and Communications: We help our clients communicate effectively and reach their audience, be it customers, prospects, analysts, investors, employees, or the media. PR, branding and marketing communications.

Creative and Design Services: Matrix Marketing Group provides design services to small businesses. The company solves a simple problem — small businesses don't have good options for getting a well-designed collateral or a logo or other graphic design services at an affordable price.

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