Service Professionals Network

Service Professionals Network
Service Professionals Network

The Service Professionals Network (SPN) is a social media and business directory website. SPN began as a networking project on LinkedIn and it has one of the biggest networks on that platform.

SPN helps raise money for good causes through affiliate advertising and social media marketing.

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The only rule is the Golden Rule.

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Service Professionals Network

SPN got started as an open networking project on LinkedIn and was founded by Mike O'Connor. The goal then was to simply help people grow their LinkedIn networks while raising money for Mike O'Connor’s Non-for-profit.

Mike no longer works with that non-for-profit, so SPN had a focus shift to help others raise money and awareness for their non-for-profits. SPN helps all types of people figure out social media and raise some awareness for charities. We also love to help people grow their small business and work from home jobs too.

SPN is all about showing people the power behind Win-Win Marketing. We follow back, comment and share content everywhere on social media. Our blogging team will also be writing reviews and info blogs on businesses and charities that we like.

Lets be friends, f you are trying to make the world around you a better place in some way, shape or form. Thanks and have a great day!