MLS, Mortgage Loan Specialists

MLS, Mortgage Loan Specialists

Why MLS Mortgage Loan Specialists? Its simple.

Lower Rates - We're a discount brokerage with preferred rates from many of our 300+ lenders due to volume discounts.

Better Service - We answer our phones. Not just a phone system. (Yes, we have one if you prefer music.)

Expertise - We know we can get your loan done before we take your application. Call anytime. Advice is free.

Mortgage Loan Specialists is a low pressure California mortgage loan brokerage dedicated to providing the highest service possible. Our company's huge success is attributed to a very large percentage of repeat customers who are searching for the best California mortgage rate, whether it is a fixed rate mortgage, and adjustable mortgage, home equity loan, an equity line of credit, a second mortgage or cash out loan. We also do debt consolidation loans by refinancing your California home mortgage to include credit card debt, car & boat loans or any other non home loan debt at the lowest current mortgage rate. MLS is approved with hundreds of nationwide lenders for Mortgages and home loans.

Mortgage Loan Specialists (MLS) has a very high success rate on all their mortgage loans. Your application is pre-approved by experts who KNOW lenders guidelines. We offer credit repair services to get you the best mortgage loan rate. We make sure your loan will be approved BEFORE it is submitted to the lender.

We almost never charge points or additional charges at MLS. Actually, most loans have only two charges, a $500.00 processing fee and a $15.00 credit check, both fees are assessed at the close of escrow. There are no up front fees when you use Mortgage Loan Specialists. An appraisal fee (paid directly to the appraiser) is due at the time of inspection.

We are located in San Rafael, California but offer mortgage services throughout California and the Bay Area. If you are looking for a Bay Area mortgage contact us at (415) 258-1691 or check out our website at

We look forward to helping you with your loan.

Larry Martinez

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