Aixin FoodStuffs Co Ltd

Aixin FoodStuffs Co Ltd

Tpftz Aixin FoodStuffs Co Ltd. is one advanced and high technology company with investigating, exploitating, producing, selling for high technology products.

Our company has received high achievements with "our believing for more taking care, more heart," advanced testing equipment, advanced technology. We have received high recognition from customers with excellent technology team, scientific producing management, high standard technics design, flexible management mode.

Aixin personal create AIDIAN "buckwheat tea", "wild buckwheat tea ", "buckwheat noodles", "buckwheat tea drinking" and so on. With natural and healthy fashion, AIDIAN create new way for defending treating high blood pressure, high voltage and cholesterin.

Yesterday, Aixin personal striving to exploiting; Today, Aixin personal are braving in consecration, tomorrow, Aixin personal do more like before and creating first classing products for all of customers.

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