The Bitrix Inc. specializes in developing content management systems and portal solutions for managing web projects and multifunctional information systems for maintaining commercial activities on the Internet. Technological effectiveness, reliability, security and advanced functionality - these are the key moments the company is focused on.

Software products from the Bitrix Inc. allow users to utilise modern technology to create their Internet projects at a minimal cost. The company's products are widely used by state and educational institutions, large-scale enterprises, and various organizations.

Based on the feedback we receive, customers find our product solutions essential to the success of their Web projects. The Bitrix’s license and pricing policy enables its clients to continue to develop their Web projects as their company grows.

Currently, our company’s focus is on continued development of the features for the software product Bitrix Site Manager. The popularity of this software is due to the variety of complex and effective features vital to managing a modern Web project.

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