AON Invent

AON Invent LLC, started out in Bella Vista, Arkansas in Jan. 2013 as an outgrowth of "All Product Design, LLC". "APD" had been providing product-design and engineering services to several of the estimated-1500 consumer goods suppliers that maintain offices in NW Arkansas, near Walmart's world headquarters in Bentonville.

The unique demographic of NW Arkansas, as the unofficial, "Retail Capitol of the World", is a big draw to inventors, who assume (mistakenly) that merely "verbalizing" their concept to a buyer of a major retailer would be enough to get their product onto store shelves and make themselves rich in the process.

With decades of experience in product-development and marketing, AON's founding team knew those expectations only led to disappointment. Their approach was to focus on essential services inventors really needed, while preventing them from wasting money by prematurely, filing patents and trademarks or making expensive prototypes before they were needed – if ever. AON focuses on establishing realistic expectations, by protecting inventors from irrational expectations and emotional attachments to weak ideas that had so-often drained inventors of their life's savings and wasted years of their lives.

The AON method is working and continues to gain momentum. Since its 2013 launch, more than 400 of AON's product innovations and inventor-collaborations, have made it to retail shelves and ecom platforms of major retailers. Even more remarkable, this has been accomplished without AON Invent receiving a single complaint or litigious action from any of its inventor-clients, which according to CEO, Larry Robertson, is unheard-of in the invention-service industry.

AON uses a 3-step process, which begins with a free download of the company's “Innovation Blueprint”. This simple 10-page guide has allowed 93% of site visitors, to identify the most common flaws and problems with their concept, without spending a penny.
Over the years, a growing number of established brands, have begun looking to AON Invent for exclusive, cost-effective product-innovations, to reinvigorate their brand.

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