Blackstone Multimedia Corporation

Blackstone Multimedia Corporation

Blackstone Corporation is a privately held company based in Edmonton, Alberta. Now in our ninth year of operation the historical 'service for hire' focus of the company has provided the experience to move into a 'software developer' model.

The authoring, publishing, and data manipulation engines we have created to help streamline our services engagements - have become the backbone of the easy to use 'hostanote' service.

Blackstone will continue to apply practical business experience with leading edge technology, guided by a simple rich user experience., Blackstone's flagship product, is an online photo sharing site, to which a Sponsoring company can distribute an unlimited number of free memberships. Members upload and share their own photos, each album has a discrete Sponsor acknowledgement. 

Leveraging the popularity of online photo sharing, digital cameras and email, each album or hostanote is designed to let businesses spread their name by giving the hostanote service for free to customers or prospects. Sharing online photos is not only free to members but to the Sponsor as well.

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