Boondoggle Films. LLC.

Boondoggle Films. LLC.

Boondoggle Films is the brainchild of esteemed filmmaker Lerone Wilson, a New York University graduate holding degrees in both Film & Television and Economics.

A product of the Metro Detroit area, Lerone began his entertainment career as a videoconferencing technician for Michigan State University. He later became a co-star on the hit MSU campus sitcom "The Show". Lerone also spent time employed at WADL Fox Kids, Detroit.

After continuing his studies in New York City, he began work in various research, editing, and production capacities on documentary productions for HBO, PBS, and most recently The Travel Channel. Meanwhile, he has taken on several projects of his own.

Blending his unique journalistic prowess with his penchant for emotional tales of humanism, Lerone continues to produce high style documentary television with redeemable social qualities.

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