Albrecht Investment Company Institute Limited (hereinafter referred to as "AICI" or "the Company") is a private limited liability company incorporated under the Companies Law, Cap.113 of the Republic of Cyprus. The Company was incorporated on 6 May 2000 and is registered at the Registrar of Companies in Nicosia, under number HE 111147. The Certificate of Incorporation was issued on 10 May 2000. Main mission of the Company is the provision of business consultancy and training services to private and corporate customers.

Products and Services:

AICI focuses on financial consultancy services, management conultancy services, property investment consultancy services and investment in your self services. In improving your personal skills. In strengthening your self-interest.

A) Overseas Property Investment Services.
B) Executive Mentoring and Coaching Services.
C) Financial Counselling and Training Services.

Overseas property investment services.
We advise our clients on buying properties overseas, help them to find the best possible financing terms (f.e. 15% deposit at reservation of the selected real estate property, until completion of the construction no further payments, a Swiss Franc mortgage for 80% of the valued of the property and 5% final payment at completion of the construction of the property).

Our Executive Mentoring and Coaching Services (hereinafter referred to as "EMC Services" are aimed at (one-on-one) coaching for senior professionals and executives. The Company aims to assist these professionals to enhance their organizational performance, organizational development and
communications, to increase their value to themselves and to their organization, to deal with difficult people and situations, to have a sounding board, to strategize their personal development, to have a reserve of time, energy and money, to experience fulfilment, success, and much more.
We offer the following EMC Services to individuals and

01. Executive Outplacement:
A comprehensive 3, 6 or 12 month program for executives in career transition, including ongoing coaching, access to resources and opportunities, resume review, extensive networking, assessments, targeting - all designed to move the Executive quickly and smoothly through the transition process.

02. Executive Outplacement:
A comprehensive 3, 6 or 12 month program for executives in career transition, including ongoing coaching, access to resources and opportunities, resume review, extensive networking, assessments, targeting - all designed to move the Executive quickly and smoothly through the transition process.

03. Personal Coaching:
One-on-one coaching for professionals. We assist in the making of a big decision, to strategize how one can sign that big client, get a raise, create a new career plan, demonstrate self-control in emotional situations, stay focused despite unexpected crises, listen objectively to others, rebound quickly from mistakes, receive feedback and criticism without taking it personally, remain calm when interacting with intimidating people, leave work problems at work, enhance one's professional image and strengthen one's work
relationships, and more.

04. Career Transition Coaching:
Career Transition Coaching is for professionals, executives and others who recognize that they're ready to define a career and a life that honours who they are. We monitor and coach individuals to:
+ Discover: What are their strengths, and what are their values? What will it
take to experience professional success and personal to-to blur the line
between work and play?
+ Determine: Where one is going? We'll keep him/her on track while he/she
conducts research, set targets, identify resources, and make the own action
+ Market: We assist professionals how not to keep himself/herself a secret and
to get ready for action, prepare for interviews, source the best networking
opportunities to expand ones resources, and get the job he/she loves.
+ Decide: How to negotiate the best offer, how to transition from the old into
the new position, and keep it going.

05. Strategic Business Coaching:
We assist our clients to take their business to the next level. Our Strategic Business Coaching program includes one-on-one coaching to help design the most suitable business development strategy to move the business forward to success, while having a well balanced life for one's self.

06. Performance Coaching:
If one finds that one is technically proficient, but have some behaviours that aren't supporting one's success, our Performance Coaching program will help him/her design a shift in performance and/or behaviour.

07. Team Coaching:
Our team-coaching program allows us to work with each team member, and the team as a whole to develop a greater level of commitment, motivation, productivity, success and fulfilment .

08. Leadership Coaching:
We guide and monitor executives to recognize what are the success strategies of their leadership team? We work with leaders to identify the most effective strategies, core competencies, and techniques for success.

09. Assessments for Success:
If one is looking to understand his/herself more clearly, towork more effectively with the team, to understand how others perceive him/her with or without a 360, our assessments may help.

10. Culture Coaching:
We offer a comprehensive program for identifying and shifting culture on the market today. Our goal is to help our client accomplish the requested transitions.

11. Customized Coaching:
We help our clients to increase their effectiveness through our customized programs.

The Company keeps searching for more strategic partners to
cooperate with in the field of its services.

Dealing with the Company:
You may be pointed to investments and asset protection, but the decision to take up or reject the investments and assets strategies mentioned is totally yours, and yours alone. We point out, but you decide. The investment advice & asset protection strategies you'll learn when dealing with AICI Ltd will help you achieve the level of freedom of total wealth, safety of your assets and growing prosperity for years to come. You may learn asset protection strategies from renowned international asset protection specialists.

You will be pointed to the most effective strategies for legally and discreetly conducting business, banking, real estate and investment transactions offshore. You may learn about the best retirement protection plan. You may also learn more about the Gold Bullion Market Certificate of Deposit.
Business Week has called this Certificate of Deposit one of the best new financial products of the year 2005.

You will learn about the next big segment of the commodities bull market and be briefed about things set to take the bull-market lead from energy and metals to real estate properties overseas. You will be informed about the best debit card. The debit card that gives you anonymous spending all around the world, without paying expensive conversion rates. This debit card guards your
privacy, can be used anywhere in the world, and in the Currency of your liking. A company in Miami, Florida, will show you how you can obtain a debit card linked to a secure, private offshore bank--guaranteeing you complete anonymity and saving you money on your international purchases and

Nothing in this documentation/information should be considered personalized investment advice. Although our employees may answer your general customer service questions, they are not licensed under securities laws to address your particular financial investment situation. No communication by our
employees to you should be deemed as personalized financial investment advice.

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