Waterford Chiropractic Office

Waterford Chiropractic Office

Dr. Nielsen has practiced in Waterford for over 20 years, so there’s a good chance that many of your friends (and neighbors) have been treated with similar experiences and results. In fact, Dr. Nielsen is well- known in this area for his FREE “Pain Severity Evaluation™” which is a painfree 15 minute evaluation that gets to the hidden cause of your nagging aches and pains. Five Reasons Why You Need To See Dr. Nielsen Today

1) Dr. Nielsen treats your pain quickly ...without... using drugs, needles, or surgery.

2) Dr. Nielsen has treated 3,738 local residents during the past twenty years. Using specialized training and equipment, he’s uniquely qualified to treat the pain that interferes with your job, relationships, and hobbies.

3) Dr. Nielsen’s experienced staff will also manage the paperwork with your insurance to make sure you get ALL the care you deserve.

4) If you need an attorney referral, Dr. Nielsen knows many in this area based on your specific needs ...and...

5) Dr. Nielsen will recommend “quick & easy” pain-relieving home remedies to his patients and friends. In fact, Dr. Nielsen is the author of the book: “Wisconsin Folk Medicine: The Secret Home Remedies”. And here is just one of his favorite simple home remedies...


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