NetAlter Software Limited

NetAlter Software Limited

NetAlter is a System and Method for which patent application has been filed via PCT in 126 countries including USA and India.

After 8 years of R&D and over 60 man years of vigorous research, a System and Method has been developed, that can be truly considered as an alternate to the current Internet system.

NetAlter Software Limited is a Mumbai based Indian unlisted company holding complete marketing rights over the NetAlter System and Methods and also the entity which will provide license rights for development of innovative solutions for NetAlter system.

NetAlter Software Limited is also the principal research and development arm of White Vision Software Limited which develops and markets copyrighted, user friendly software for social segment such as Matrimonial Hotline®, Community Hotline®, Web Manager®, etc.

Founded by IT entrepreneurs Yogesh Rathod and Rajesh Rathod, NetAlter Software Limited is the fastest growing R&D hub for cutting edge software solutions.

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