United Group Programs Inc. (UGP) is a national employee consulting firm and Licensed Third Party Administrator with over 4,300 corporate clients worldwide and 41 years of experience. UGP specializes in creative design, implementation, and administration of employee benefits programs specifically tailored to the benefit needs of each employer.

UGP provides fully conventionally insured, partial self funded, fully self funded medical, prescription, and dental plans with a host of national and local PPO network options. We also administer Cobra and HIPAA along with prescription drug plan management, the combination of which provides Chrysler dealers with the most creative, efficient and cost-effective benefit programs for their employees. UGP also offers administration for the Earned Income Tax Credit (EITC) programs for employees that earn less than $23,000 per year.
UGP specializes in providing employers with very successful time tested alternatives to control the increasingly high cost of providing healthcare benefits to their Employees.
Our specialties include:
Ø Specially designed benefits for each employer.
Ø Creative approaches to segmentation of product design.
Ø Simplified billing and accounting
Ø Special benefits for executives
Ø Product design for special benefits to attract and retain key specialty employees.
Ø Health Savings Accounts and the necessary administration
Ø Section 125 Cafeteria Administration, discrimination testing.
Ø National and Regional Preferred Provider Network (PPO/HMO) placement
Ø National Transplant Networks and Centers of Excellence
Ø Negotiation and Placement of Insurance and Reinsurance/Stop Loss
Ø Rigorous auditing of all Hospital Bills at the threshold limit
Ø Strongest Prescription Drug Discounts in the Country
Ø Providing an innovative Lab Program that can save up to 80%.
Ø Disease Management programs to reduce the cost of claims
Ø EDI/HIPAA Compliance
Ø In house Legal Counsel available to consult on HIPAA & other employee benefit Issues


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