Media5 Corporation

Media5 Corporation
Media5 Corporation
Media5 Corporation has built upon the leading technologies of Mediatrix Telecom and M5T to develop advanced, secure, and survivable MMoIP (Multi-Media over Internet Protocol) products, technologies and services for Service Providers and Enterprise Networks. Media5 products and solutions are widely interoperable and have received commercial endorsement from some of the world’s leading manufacturers of telecommunications equipment as well as from large telecommunication carriers.

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Media5 Corporation

At Media5, we are dedicated to providing industry leading MMoIP Products, Technologies and Services that provide the missing link to securely and reliably connect users at the edge of the network. To ensure that our Customer receives the best overall value, we strive to:

Provide the highest quality products in the Industry.
Maintain a complete line of advanced, secure and survivable MMoIP solutions.
Be competitively priced.
Provide an unprecedented level of Customer Service and Support.
Through our unwavering commitment to these objectives, we will continually progress towards our ultimate goal at Media5… TO BE THE BEST!

Media5 has established its credentials as a leader, turning challenges into opportunities and change into growth. Our company beliefs of providing superior products and rewarding sustained superior performance have endured with the passage of time. Around the world, Media5 is committed to conducting its business affairs in a responsible manner. Demanding excellence in all areas of our operations and ensuring that the customer receives value and quality are the main ingredients in our success.