ShiftHound is a cutting-edge, fully integrated, Web 2.0 product for Online Staff Scheduling Software and Open Shift Management (OSM).

There is simply nothing on the market that gets close to ShiftHound for Employee Scheduling functionality or value, and we are more than willing to let a potential customer try it for free before they buy it.

We can literally have a customer up and running in day. All they need is an internet connection, a browser, and an inclination to let their managers and employees use the most progressive and powerful software available for online Scheduling and Open Shift Management available.

ShiftHound is delivered via a Software as a Service (SaaS) over the internet model, which allows managers and staff to use our solution via any web-browser, anywhere, anytime, for a low monthly fee.

Our team has been building web-based enterprise level scheduling applications over the last five years. During this time we pioneered OSM and have explored what works (and just as importantly what doesn't), for scheduling and filing open shifts.

ShiftHound takes all of our thinking and experience and distills it down to just the features and functionality needed, at a much more affordable monthly price point, for medium and smaller size facilities.

While powerful in functionality, ShiftHound is very simple to use, which makes it easy for managers and their staff to ADOPT, which we have learned is the real key to driving true return on investment of scheduling technology. Our core philosophy is centered around:


ShiftHound is like Google... it's simple to use via any web-browser, but is powerful in what it does... and gives you what you need, when you need it. As you probably know, the Saas model lets us, the people that know the software best because we built it, keep it running 24/7. Our customer's managers and employees just login and USE ShiftHound. The customer avoids the costs of the hardware and hosting, as well as the resources required to deploy the software, maintain it, and keep it upgraded. We do all of that quickly, seamlessly, and invisibly, on-demand.

Managers and employees use our online application for:

- Scheduling shift based employees (full time, part-time/per-diem or temporary/agency)
- Filling open shifts (OSM) in a collaborative manner
- PTO requests
- Shift swapping and coverage offerings
- Communication of scheduling changes, requests, and approvals online, by email, and by phone TXT message
- Many other features and functionality, including announcements, management dashboards, an employee portal & calendar, etc, etc.

Besides creating more accountability, visibility, and efficiency, managers will have more time to MANAGE and are able to do more, with less staff. Our product can create a smoother running workplace, reduces manager/employee tension and churn, and also helps to recruit and retain the best people, especially the "Facebook Generation" that wants to be able to access everything online, all of the time.

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