KeepCalling is a telecommunications company that provides prepaid solutions for international and national long distance communications. KeepCalling serves ethnic and immigrant communities from all over the world through more than 160 websites. The company's mission is to bring people closer together and help them stay in touch with their families and friends back home through accessible and easy to use telecom services.

In addition to prepaid services, KeepCalling also offers Virtual Number, Mobile Recharge and Monthly Plan, three services that complete the international communication process.

Private Company

Company History

Miron Enterprises LLC dba KeepCalling is a multinational telecommunications company registered in 2002 in the state of Georgia, USA. It all started in June 2002 in a small town called Americus, Georgia when KeepCalling’s President, Florin Miron, created the first website called

Since he was living abroad, his need of calling his family led him to think that other Romanians living outside the country’s borders might have the same necessity. Therefore, in 2002 KeepCalling launched its first website, dedicated to Romanians in USA who needed to call back home.

At the beginning of 2003 an office was opened in Sibiu, Romania. As the company expanded rapidly, new offices were opened in 2004 in Cochabamba – Bolivia and Vancouver – Canada. During 2004 we also launched our first Spanish website,

By the end of 2005 our products were available on 5 websites and KeepCalling had more than 20 employees. 2005 was a crucial year for us, as our sales reached 1 million dollars, figure which outlined the successful profile of our company.

As we are dedicated to succeed, our number of websites reached 12 in 2006 and rose to 25 by April 2007. The fast-paced development of the company continued, so by the end of 2007 another 30 websites were perfectly functioning and selling our products. Additionally, KeepCalling services became more accessible to non-US based customers. Our products started to be available from 20 countries. Therefore, KeepCalling’s number of employees reached 50. During 2008 and 2009 KeepCalling launched another 102 websites which contributed to our success.

At the moment, in 2011, KeepCalling provides telecommunications services available from more than 35 countries through local and toll free access numbers to over 80,000 consumers and businesses. Still KeepCalling’s services are available worldwide from any computer with internet connection. Apart from the regular prepaid services easily customized by useful features we also provide Virtual Numbers, Mobile Recharge and Monthly Plans products through our various ethnic websites that exceed a total of 160 right now.