USBCI is unique! Our services are not the typical architectural, engineering, or consulting services seen today. Our expertise is grounded in 20+ years of experience with large scale waterproofing and restoration projects.

Clients know that with major water intrusion issues, mold problems, Chinese or defective drywall, and lawsuits becoming more prevalent, USBCI offers invaluable and irreplaceable services to the construction industry. USBCI is known for its formulated protocols that incorporate forensic inspection, testing, and analysis.

"A prescription without a proper diagnosis is malpractice." Spiderman S. Mulholland CMA

You want long-term solutions that are based on an accurate assessment of your water management problems.

USBCI is committed to analyzing every situation thoroughly. That is why USBCI invested in state-of-the art tools and equipment and has attracted the most knowledgeable specialists in the field of building envelope construction. USBCI’s inspectors and consultants don’t’ guess at the obvious conditions. They use their experience, knowledge, and skill to pinpoint the problems and then test the solutions that will resolve yoursituation.

Understanding the waterproofing and restoration design and performance of roofs, walls, doors, windows,decks, and other components that work in conjunction with these features is essential to properly diagnosing building failures and other concerns. We are passionate about solving your problems correctly the first time.

USBCI is one of the few companies that can take your project from start to finish.

You can rely on USBCI to

• Diagnose your building envelope problems accurately
• Develop the solution to your problem
• Draw up the plans, specifications, and bid documents
• Select the right waterproofing and restoration contractor to implement the solution
• Manage the project to a successful completion and final sign off

The next time you have water intrusion, mold, deterioration, Chinese/defective drywall, or construction problems, call USBCI first.

USBCI has distinguished itself from other construction envelope companies because we inspect, test, and analyze your problems through forensic investigation. You can rely on USBCI to knows your concerns and develops the right solution the first time.

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