Gossimer is a full-fledged business to business (B2B) and business to customer Domain Registration and web hosting company. It started its web hosting journey in 2001 from New Jersey, and ever since the growth trajectory of the company has been sloped upward, which has necessitated the company to shift its base to Melbourne, Florida on October 01, 2009.

Right from the beginning the founder of the company, Marvin Dreyer, understood that, a fitting domain name with secure name server, a reliable web server, and responsive and knowledgeable customer support is the infrastructure on which the online world thrives. Hence, he took it on himself to establish a reliable domain registration and web services company that will provide the most stable platform for the entrepreneurs to build, run, and manage their online businesses.

Gossimer has based its Web hosting business on 5 core principles, which the company calls 5-S of web hosting:
· Secure – secure servers, safe data transfers, and information safety
· Swift – lightening fast servers and speedy delivery
· Stable – Stable and evenly loaded servers,
· Service – Agile in service, and nimble in delivery
· Support – sound knowledgebase and well learned support staff

Gossimer understands that stable servers with evenly balanced loads should be at the core of good web hosting service company; hence, the company never runs any of its servers on maximum load. The load is evenly distributed to each of the servers, and none of the server is ever allowed to reach the critical point. The company keeps on adding servers on a regular basis to meet the ever increasing demand posed by its customers, which makes the website hosted with Gossimer a lot faster and keep the websites live 24X7. The company guarantees 99.99% uptime. This is what is keeping the web hosting infrastructure of Gossimer at par with the big Goliath of the industry.

In its eight year in the business, Gossimer has made some significant changes in its strategy. The company has consolidated its offering and made it more lucrative for new comers as well as professional domain investors. Gossimer has also decided to broaden its horizon by reaching out to non-English niches. Soon the company will have a strong presence in Spain and Germany. It is also strengthening its marketing activities in developing market like India.

With its superior customer support and extensive knowledgebase, Gossimer appears all set to plant its feet deeper in the international web hosting market as well. The no-limit policy of Gossimer—which has been converted into real unlimited web hosting and e-mail hosting products—has made Gossimer a frontrunner in the industry. The speed with which it is growing is phenomenon.


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Company History


October 2009 has added two new leaves to the rich history of Gossimer. In this month, Gossimer has moved to Melbourne, Florida from New Jersey. The second leaf is more colorful than the first. Gossimer has been chosen reseller of the month for October by ResellerClub. These two incidences call for a fresh look at the beginning of the remarkable journey of Gossimer, the fastest growing domain name registration and web hosting company.

Gossimer.com and Gossimer.biz, the names which are now synonymous with the stable web hosting and superior support, began its journey as web hosting company in 2001, as a result of the personal frustration that CEO Marvin Dreyer suffered while running web development and product sales business in pre-Gossimer days.

Godado, LLC which became Gossimer, LLC, in 2008 came into existence because of Marvin’s deep desire to provide a stable and secure web hosting services to webmasters. Right from the beginning the founder of the company understood that a fitting domain name with secure name server, and a reliable web hosting is the infrastructure on which the Internet thrives. This realization came to him the hard way, after suffering himself from the poor quality of web hosting services.

The shock that Marvin experienced in his earlier business at the hand of the unreliable web hosting, insecure server, and bad customer service and support made Gossimer resolute in solving these issues confronting many webmasters. These experiences helped Gossimer remain human and provide safe, secure, and stable web infrastructure. The company aims for a broad smile on its customers’ face whenever they think of web services provided by Gossimer.

The CEO of the company, Marvin Dreyer does not think that the customer is the king. Rather he believes that the customer is your mother, so take care of your customer as you will take care of your own mother. It is because of this core belief system that the company has succeeded in getting this many happy customers. And it is because of this belief system that company has survived in the web hosting business for more than 8 years.

As a direct result of its commitment to superior customer service, Gossimer is witnessing 10 percent monthly increase in customer acquisition since June 2008.

The success story of Gossimer that started in New Jersey in 2001 has reached Melbourne in 2009. This is not the destination. This is just another milestone for the company. With its superior domain name registration and web hosting services, Gossimer still has many miles to travel, and many customers to satisfy. The journey has not ended yet, it has just begun.