New Image for Romanian National Customs Authority from Cratima and XcellenceIT

Cratima and XcellenceIT announces with great pleasure a new web site release: The project was achieved for the Romanian National Customs Authority (A.N.V.) and was published online on 27th of August, 2007. - September 24, 2007

ICE - A Web Site for the Summer Announced by Cratima Interactive and XcellenceIT

Cratima Interactive and XcellenceIT announce with happiness the launch of a new web site - The web site has been created in collaboration with a US marketing company. Instant Consumer Evaluation (ICE) web site presents a research methodology that delivers clear results... - June 10, 2007

New Web Site for Kindness via Cratima Interactive and XcellenceIT

Today Cratima Interactive and XcellenceIT announced the launch of a new web site in Spanish: Promenor Foundation's web site. The result comes as a final step after the efforts of both web designer teams to make a web site that should stand for a better world: Promenor's web site. - April 28, 2007

Holiday Web Site by Cratima Interactive is Easy and Warm Feeling...

At Birkdale you will find all that you need for a splendid Orlando Holiday. Cratima Interactive made a web site that recreates this feeling completely: With the quality of the web sites provided by Cratima Interactive and the top level of services found at Highlands... - April 06, 2007

Another Tech Company Gets Its Web Site Created by Cratima - Launched Today

Today Cratima has launched a new web site, created to 4Front IT Solutions. The web site's address is - February 16, 2007

A Web Site Full of Life Created by Cratima team

Cratima happily announces the completion of another international product. Giflor is the proud owner of a new web site, in Italian and English, that can be viewed by anyone here: Cratima's client is a company based in Italy, that produces caps and closures... - January 18, 2007

Web Design Agency Cratima Launches New Site,

"Passionate about insurance" - this is the thing that will convince you to visit the web site. With the idea of passion in mind, you will understand why the visitors of the web site keep on returning again and again. The company represented by the web site is... - January 09, 2007

Unique Cards in Multiple Formats Created by Cratima

Cratima, with its division Cratima Interactive, announces a new service: electronic cards. These are static or animated cards that can be sent via email to clients and business partners. The cards have an unique design, as they are personalized for the business of every client. The method of... - December 12, 2006

The Million Dollar View Available on the Internet Thanks to Cratima Interactive

"The million dollar view, for less." This is how any viewer of The Lenox web site, a web site created by Cratima Interactive, is welcomed. The Lenox web site - - awaits its visitors on the presentation page of distinguished residencies, that are just minutes... - December 06, 2006

The Launch of Kyani's Web Site in 1st of December - Announced by Cratima

Cratima announced that in the 1st of December 2006 will be launched. Kyani company wanted a web site that would reflect a brand new start. Kyani is a company with a team willing to contribute to solving human needs by providing top products. Kyani team has strength by the mere fact that... - November 29, 2006

Applying Company's Values or How Cratima Creates You an E-shop

"Your Gateway to the Internet's largest selection of Italian Pottery & Earthenware". These are the words that welcome the visitors of web site. Two months ago, on the 4th of September, Florin Visoiu, marketing manager within Cratima, was analysing the description... - November 09, 2006

Cratima Branch Takes the First Prize for the Third Year Consecutive

The Chamber of Commerce, Industry and Agriculture Giurgiu has awarded for the third year consecutive First Prize in Top Companies 2005 to Cratima - Giurgiu Branch. The category in which Cratima - Giurgiu Branch has been awarded is "Information Technology." More than this, both Cratima,... - October 13, 2006

Bucharest Museum. Dot RO.

"I personally recommend this agency to any company that wishes to confide its image to professionals, that is interested in creativity by simplicity and to which the time is the most important part of creating a project." These were the words of Ionel Ionita, Bucharest Municipality Museum... - September 30, 2006

Accommodation Bookings has a Brand New Site - by Cratima

When the CEO of Accommodation Bookings decided he needs a brand new web site, he considered looking for more than one web design company to be a proper solution having the job done. After carefully screening of 45 potential candidates, Cratima was the single company chosen to create the new web site of Accommodation Bookings. - September 30, 2006

Video Surveillance on Your Mobile Phone – 3rdeye Has Just Been Launched

The newest Cratima product is launched today: 3rdeye - a video surveillance on the mobile phone system. - July 05, 2006

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