Another Tech Company Gets Its Web Site Created by Cratima - Launched Today

Today Cratima has launched a new web site, created to 4Front IT Solutions. The web site's address is

Bucharest, Romania, February 16, 2007 --( Cratima is proud that its client, 4Front IT Solutions, is completly focused on providing IT solutions that will satisfy the needs of complete infrastructure for any enterprise. A company like Cratima's client knows that any IT platform has to maximize the return on the infrastructure investment.

Radu Ciubotaru, Sales Manager for Cratima Interactive, explained what made him sign a deal with 4Front IT: "Our business partner embraced one of Cratima's philosophies, to provide a complete range of services. 4Front IT does not only consulting, but actually implements the IT solution, provides support, and has its own IT solution. Cratima also provides its clients with both software and web design solutions. Cratima handles the development of the services, provides solutions to inherent technical problems and also has an unique prodcut, called 3rdeye. I thought we would love to have them as clients, and I was definetly not wrong."

The Desktop Deployment, Refresh & Management Solution developed by 4Front IT Solutions was embraced with enthusiasm by clients. With this solution the customers can effectively secure and manage the entire lifecycle of your infrastructure. In January 2007, 4Front IT has been awarded the tender for Desktop Management/Deployment by Louth County Council. The client has over 600 desktops dispersed over 3 main locations, each with their own numerous satellite sites. Louth County Council wanted a system to allow them to be able to centrally manage all aspects of their desktops. Cratima's Sales Manager considers that the implementation of the solution will run as smooth as the creation of the 4Front IT web site.

The main sections of the web site are Services, Company Profile, News, Contact Us, and of course, Home. The four main services provided by Cratima's client have a distinct page on the web site, as the client requested. A presentation web site is mainly devoted to getting leads, in any form. With this in mind, one can understand why two phone numbers for contact is listed on the top of each page. There is also an email address. The contact page also includes a Contact Form, so that the clients can easily write a message to 4Front IT Solutions.

All of the web site's pages follow a design theme, so users are not distracted by unwanted graphics and flashy colors. Instead, a potential customer sees similar designs for each of the pages.

The company that created the web site, Cratima, is a web design and software company that is active worldwide since 1999. The portfolio is impressive and can be accessed by visiting the company's web site -

3rdeye is one of Cratima's products and was launched in 2006. Web site:

Cratima is always looking for creative solutions to the different requests for web design and software applications of the new clients.

Olivian Breda