Integrative Therapeutics Invites Clinics to Become a Residency Site for the 2011 ITI-AANP STAIR Residency Program

The STAIR Program is now taking applications for 2011 clinic sites to mentor residents for this unique residency program. In return, clinic sites gain a highly qualified naturopathic graduate for one full year at no charge, sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics. - September 13, 2010

The Final 2010 Integrative Therapeutics Inc. & AANP STAIR Residency Scholarship Winners Have Been Chosen

Meet the recipients of two fully paid scholarships for a year-long residency at integrative clinics practicing complementary and naturopathic medicine. - June 04, 2010

Dr. Holly Lucille to Present "Natural Innovations in Thyroid Support: Creating the Metabolic Advantage"

Naturopathic physician Dr. Holly Lucille will highlight targeted nutritional strategies that address adrenal and thyroid health concerns. - June 03, 2010

Join the Conversation - Integrative Therapeutics is Now on Facebook

Integrative Therapeutics now connects with practitioners and patients via Facebook. - May 29, 2010

Dr. Jeremy Appleton to Present Emerging Probiotic Research

Jeremy Appleton, ND to deliver a series of educational webinars on the use of probiotics in clinical practice sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. in partnership Natural Partners and Natural Dispensary. - April 10, 2010

Integrative Therapeutics — Committed to Research and Education in the Natural Medicine Journal

Helping further the latest natural medicine research, Integrative Therapeutics Medical Advisory Board contributes to the ongoing education of medical practitioners. - April 09, 2010

Integrative Therapeutics' Dr. Holly Lucille to Present the Teleconference: "Managing Cortisol Levels for Overall Health"

Sponsored by Integrative Therapeutics, Inc., Naturopathic physician Dr. Holly Lucille, will highlight targeted nutritional strategies that can restore optimal adrenal gland function and directly lower cortisol. - March 24, 2010

Dr. Jeremy Appleton Joins Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. as Director of Professional Education

A naturopathic physician with an extensive background in natural medicine, Dr. Appleton contributes to education, product development, and research for Integrative Therapeutics™ - February 20, 2010

Russell Greenfield, MD Presents Educational Series for Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. on Pelargonium Sidoides — Alternative Treatment for Acute Respiratory Infections

Russell Greenfield, MD discusses the merits of the Pelargonium sidoides Extract EPs 7630 for the treatment of acute upper respiratory infections. Distributed by Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. as ViraClear EPs 7630™, the extract is clinically proven to be a safe, effective for both adults and children - October 30, 2009

Integrative Therapeutics Sponsors Revolutionary Online Resource for Healthcare Professionals — the Natural Medicine Journal

Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. (ITI®) announces its sponsorship of the Natural Medicine Journal (NMJ) as well as the Drug and Nutrient Interactions and Depletions database, both vital tools for healthcare practitioners. - October 14, 2009

Looking to Fight the Cause of Upper Respiratory Tract Infections? Get Integrative Therapeutics, Inc. ViraClear EPs 7630™

Integrative Therapeutics (ITI) has just helped Americans stay healthier this season. - September 16, 2009

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