EMCO Software Releases an Improved Version of MSI Package Builder Tool

EMCO announces the availability of MSI Package Builder version 4.5, which includes new features for generating MSI packages for Windows x86 and x64 platforms. - February 16, 2012

EMCO Software Releases New Version of Its Software Audit Solution, EMCO Network Software Scanner

EMCO Network Software Scanner is a software audit tool that is compatible with Windows 7 and can be used to extract software inventory information from network PCs and track software changes. - December 22, 2011

EMCO Software Introduces a New Freeware Tool for Auditing Installed Software in Microsoft Networks

The brand-new freeware utility from EMCO helps network administrators to scan Windows computers in a local network and collect information about installed programs and updates into a centralized database. - December 14, 2011

EMCO Software Announces a New Website Representing the Company's Network Inventory Solutions

EMCO announces the launch of a new website for network administrators and IT professionals. This website is dedicated to network inventory solutions for Windows networks and is aimed at educating IT staff in issues of selecting and efficient use of the right tools for their specific purposes. - November 05, 2011

The New Version of EMCO Remote Registry Merge Simplifies Registry Management Over a Network

EMCO announces version 2.0 of its Remote Registry Merge utility. The new version offers simplified registry management on Windows computers over a local network. It provides registry export and import, tasks execution on schedule and other features. - October 07, 2011

EMCO Releases a New Version of WakeOnLan Tool with Enterprise-Level Features

EMCO announces a new release of the WakeOnLan utility with an extended set of features that simplify usage of the Wake-on-LAN technology in large corporate networks. - October 07, 2011

The Improved EMCO Remote Registry Exporter Helps Network Administrators to Protect Important Data

EMCO Software announces a major release of EMCO Remote Registry Exporter for Windows that allows network administrators to get access to, export and back up registry on network computers. The new version of the application is released as freeware. - October 06, 2011

EMCO Software Offers a Brand-New Solution for Waking Up Computers Over a Network

The new EMCO WakeOnLan utility for Windows allows network administrators to wake up network computers over a local network using the Wake-on-LAN technology. The utility is designed to operate in large networks and is available both in free and commercial versions. - October 06, 2011

New Notification Features Are Available in EMCO Remote Shutdown 4.1

A PC-power management tool from EMCO is available with an extended set of notification features. Version 4.1 includes functionality to send text notifications to network PCs and to be notified of remote tasks execution by e-mail. - October 05, 2011

The Leading Installation Repackaging Technology from EMCO Has Got a New Release

EMCO announces the availability of a new version of its EMCO MSI Package Builder tool used by IT staff of companies and organizations to prepare software installations for silent unattended distribution over local networks. - October 05, 2011

Multi-Host Monitoring is Introduced in the New Release of EMCO Ping Monitor

EMCO announces a new release of the Ping Monitor tool for Windows, which offers monitoring of connection to multiple hosts in a local network or the Internet. The new version is available both in freeware and commercial editions. - September 30, 2011

EMCO Network Inventory Becomes Compatible with Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2

EMCO Software announces a new version of the Network Inventory software and hardware audit tool. Version 5.6 is fully compatible with the Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2 platforms: it can be executed on these OS and allows collection inventory information from PCs running Windows 7 and Windows 2008 R2. - September 30, 2011

EMCO Releases a Free MAC Address Scanner Utility for Windows

This new freeware utility for Windows allows network administrator to extract network card MAC addresses from available network computers and export the collected information to a file. - September 25, 2011

EMCO Announces a New Freeware to Access the Command Prompt on Network PCs

This brand-new free utility from EMCO allows network administrators to access the command-line prompt on PCs located in a local network in order to execute commands and run processes remotely. - September 25, 2011

EMCO Announces Availability of the Successor Tool for noPing Inspector Freeware

New Ping Monitor freeware from EMCO was introduced as a new generation of noPing Inspector tool. The new network connection monitoring tool extends functionality of its predecessor. - September 17, 2009

EMCO Remote Deployment Nominated for Windows IT Pro Community Choice Award

Windows IT Pro and SQL Server Magazine choose EMCO Remote Deployment as a finalist in the 2009 Community Choice Awards in the Best Deployment Product category. - September 17, 2009

Centralized Computer Assets Audit Made Easy with EMCO Network Inventory

Network Inventory solution from EMCO provides small companies and large-sized enterprises with always up-to-date information about computer hardware and software assets. It helps companies to optimize expenses and simplify decision making. - September 17, 2009

Repackaging Tool from EMCO Handles the Challenge of Remote Software Deployment

EMCO MSI Package Builder offers a new approach for preparation of existing software installations to unattended remove deployment across the network. It uses innovative repackaging technology to transform installations to MSI format, ready for remote distribution. - September 17, 2009

EMCO Upgrades MoveOnBoot Freeware Delivering a Solution for Resources Unlocking

EMCO announces the major release of popular MoveOnBoot free utility, based on the new, innovative product platform. The new version provides enhanced features for management of locked files and folders on Windows platforms. - September 14, 2009

New EMCO OS License Modifier Freeware Offers Easy Registration Info Management

Improved OS License Modifier helps network administrators to check and modify Windows registration information remotely on all PCs in the network. New release introduces optimized network engine, bulk operations, new interface and other improvements. - September 11, 2009

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