Repackaging Tool from EMCO Handles the Challenge of Remote Software Deployment

EMCO MSI Package Builder offers a new approach for preparation of existing software installations to unattended remove deployment across the network. It uses innovative repackaging technology to transform installations to MSI format, ready for remote distribution.

Reykjavik, Iceland, September 17, 2009 --( EMCO Software, a provider of software solutions for computer network management, announces availability of MSI Package Builder v4. This product delivers features to create installation in Windows Installer format (MSI packages) and repackage existing installations to MSI. Installations produced by MSI Package Builder are ready for deployment on remote PCs through Active Directory's Group Policy or other tools for remote software installations on Windows platform.

Nowadays, when number of software installations continuously grow, it's hard for system administrators to keep software management under control. Good old approaches of software installations don't work anymore. Automatic deployment tools, such as the one available in Active Directory from Microsoft, can simplify software distribution, but they can deploy only installations that support silent deployment mode. There is no single standard for installations and every software manufacturer creates installation according with own set of requirements. In many cases such installations don't support silent installation mode and aren't ready for remote distribution.

MSI Package Builder offers an ability to transform installations, that aren't ready for remote deployment, to the MSI format that supports silent installation mode and can be distributed remotely. The core of this product is the live monitoring technology that can capture file system and registry changes to produce MSI package. As the result installation repackaging can be performed automatically by activating monitoring and launching original installation to follow setup steps. When original installation is completed MSI Package Builder automatically creates installation project from monitoring results and generate MSI package.

"MSI Package Builder delivers to system administrators an innovative way for installation repackaging. Now they can make a repackaging by just following the original installation wizard. It allows repackaging of even large installations in few minutes. The main advantage of the used monitoring technology is ability to track processes that performed particular changes. It allows filtering out changes performed by background processes or concurrent applications. It's impossible with any other tool available now on the market", said Thorarin Oskarsson, CEO at EMCO Software.

Pricing & Availability
EMCO MSI Package Builder is available for evaluation as a free trial version with no functionality limitations. It can run under Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003 and 2000 both x86 and x64 platforms. The license pricing starts from $199.00. The product can be purchased directly from EMCO Software or via one of its authorized distributors and resellers.

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