Only 1/10 Adults with ADHD Get Treatment

Only 1/10 Adults with ADHD Get Treatment

"Adult ADHD: What You Need to Know," a book released today by Health and Life, reports that only around one out of ten adults with ADHD, or attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, received treatment over the last year. Up to 50% of adults with ADHD will suffer from mood problems such... - February 02, 2010

Student Launches Blog Contest to Fight AIDS

David Gurevich is launching a Blog contest through his own, medical blog - Health and Life - to fight AIDS. The goal is to reach thousands of readers and spread accurate information about the "worst infectious disease of our time." Judges of the contest include Director of the Brown University AIDS Program, Dr. Kenneth Mayer, and noted researcher and professor of virology, Peter Shank, Ph.D. - November 04, 2009

Health and Life Medical Blog Looking for Doctor Input

Health and Life, a medical blog, is looking for doctors to overview and help assemble best practice guidelines for treating ADHD, depression, and diabetes. The reason? To combat increasingly complicated treatment options. For depression alone, there are more than 20 medication options, each of... - September 17, 2009

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