Health and Life Medical Blog Looking for Doctor Input

Providence, RI, September 17, 2009 --( Health and Life, a medical blog, is looking for doctors to overview and help assemble best practice guidelines for treating ADHD, depression, and diabetes. The reason? To combat increasingly complicated treatment options.

For depression alone, there are more than 20 medication options, each of which comes in many doses. Choosing the option which provides the most benefit for the least cost is increasingly hard for doctors too busy to keep up with the news.

Easy to understand articles that explain the issues can help fight this trend. And founder David Gurevich feels that getting experts on board will guarantee accuracy, quality and hopefully impartiality.

The ambitious effort was planned in recognition of the 10,000th visitor to the website, and coincides with the launch of a website redesign.

"Extremely positive reaction over just two months shows there's a real need," explains David. "Both patients and doctors want easy to understand articles on complex medical issues. Now is the time to meet that need."

Many of the topics approached on the website are not accessible to readers without access to medical databases, and even then take significant effort to understand. By contrast, articles on the site are written at an “elementary” school level and attempt to be as clear as possible for the layman.

Doctors or experts interested in getting involved with this effort can email or visit the site

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