Brain-Pad Selected as the Official Dual Arch Mouth Guard

In the interest of competitor concussion protection, The International Kickboxing Federation, a leading sanctioning body, and the International Sport Combat Federation, the first and largest mixed martial arts sanctioning body for pro and amateur MMA, have identified the best mouth guards, and have... - April 14, 2010

Brain-Pad Inc. Introduces NatureZone Mouth Piece Case for Football Players, Wrestlers and MMA Fighters

Wrestlers & MMA Competitors are at risk for more than just concussions. Super bugs and infections are always a threat to full-contact mat & ring enthusiasts. Brain-Pad® answers these concerns with NatureZoneTM, a chemical-free Oral Appliance Sanitizer & Deodorizer and Brain-Pad Dual... - March 03, 2010

Brain-Pad Mouth Guards for Concussion Protection Field-Tested by Athletes in the NFL, NCAA and Minor Leagues

Brain-Pad® athletic mouth guards with patented technology and a dual-protection system, are being field-tested by athletes at every level of contact sports programs. Brain-Pad mouth guards are tested and proven to reduce impact energy at the base of the skull and brain by keeping the lower jaw... - January 14, 2010

Brain Pad Inc Announces Results of Drop Testing and Concussion Protection Athletic Mouth Guards Study

Brain-Pad’s patented, protective mouth guard technology has been tested and proven to absorb and reduce impact energy before it does damage inside the athlete’s head. Brain-Pad has conducted its own bio-mechanical, sensor-laden head form drop testing which has shown a major phenomenon... - December 10, 2009

Brain-Pad Inc. Unveils New UV Ozone Athletic Mouth Guard and Oral Appliance Sanitizing De-Odorizing Chamber, Nature Zone

Brain-Pad Inc. Announces the release of a game-changing product, tested and proven to combat the rise of infectious, anti-biotic resistant germs and pathogens mysteriously endangering the community at large. Smartly named NatureZoneTM, this once reserved for industrial and hospital use only... - November 14, 2009

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