Brain-Pad Inc. Unveils New UV Ozone Athletic Mouth Guard and Oral Appliance Sanitizing De-Odorizing Chamber, Nature Zone

Conshohocken, PA, November 14, 2009 --( Brain-Pad Inc. Announces the release of a game-changing product, tested and proven to combat the rise of infectious, anti-biotic resistant germs and pathogens mysteriously endangering the community at large. Smartly named NatureZoneTM, this once reserved for industrial and hospital use only technology couples the 2 best ways to sanitize and deodorize personal appliances that are used in or within proximity of the oral cavity (mouth). Ultra-violet light has long been utilized as a purification medium, but has limited effectiveness when applying to oral appliances. UV light is only an effective germ sanitizer on the surfaces of items being cleaned. Recent studies have found these pathogens residing deep within the dark moist micro-fissures of oral necessities like: Protective mouth and night guards, veneers, dentures and retainers. Brain-Pad has successfully incorporated a chemical-free, green technology that can penetrate into these micro-fissures without chemical astringent inconvenience.

Ozone Ions. Nature’s answer to aggressive pathogens. Ozone naturally seeks out and destroys germs on contact. Ozone ions are incredibly small and mobile, easily entering and cleansing micro-fissures and surfaces of oral appliances. Along with infection risk, germ activity also produces foul smells that Ozone is attracted to, and quickly neutralizes. This benefit is obvious. After an amazingly short 3mins exposed to both technologies, any oral appliance will be 99.9% pathogen-free and smell and taste brand new! NatureZoneTM replaces liquid astringents, removing repetitive end-user effort and expense. NatureZoneTM is battery operated allowing 100% portability for home, school, and travel use. This is truly a revolutionary leap forward in oral appliance/health safety, and freshness. Once only available in industrial medical environments, NatureZoneTM brings this personal, portable, health-protective technology to each individual’s personal needs and lifestyle.

Brain-Pad Inc. was founded on, and continues to expand its patented, dual-arched athletic mouth guard technology across the amateur and professional sports industries. Dual-arch design positions and supports the jaw while reducing concussive risk by buffering the fragile TMJ complex. Repeated head- form drop testing shows Jaw impact energy is effectively absorbed by Brain-Pad’s impact absorbing inner material, while any remaining energy cannot aggressively transverse the TMJ and disrupt the base of skull nor base of brain. All Brain-Pads offer CLENCH and BREATHE technology which allows constant augmented free breathing while clenching for balance and strength enhancement.

Brain-Pad is a technology-based protective solutions company committed to creating a safer, healthier experience for all sport and life competitors.

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