Interviews Eric Robles

Animation Insider recently had the opportunity speak with animator Eric Robles, creator and co-executive producer of the new animated series 'Fanboy & Chum Chum.' Robles is the mind behind the new CG series all about reading comics and enjoying one's youth. - April 30, 2010 Interviews Duncan Morris; Turner/Cartoon Network Research

Animation Insider recently had the opportunity speak with media research analyst Duncan Morris, the VP of Research and Market Development for Turner Asia. A veteran of kid's media analysis and lifestyle observation, Morris recently wrapped up Cartoon Network India's New Generations survey, a profile of children in India and their media consumption habits. - June 29, 2008 Interviews Fred Schodt, Author and Manga Scholar

Animation Insider recently had the opportunity to speak with writer and translator Frederik L. Schodt, author of the recent book 'The Astro Boy Essays' (Stone Bridge Press, 2007). - September 21, 2007 Interviews Fred M. Grandinetti

Animation Insider recently had the opportunity to exchange some questions with Fred M. Grandinetti; an author, classic cartoon enthusiast and reputable 'Popeye' historian. - August 26, 2007 Interviews Chris Moujaes, Artist & Publisher

Chris Moujaes is an artist/animator based out of the state of Texas, and his projects speak for themselves; most notable of which are his web comics. The color and style of his art and, for the most part, all of his works demand attention from animation enthusiasts and professionals from around the globe alike. Animation Insider was given the opportunity to go behind the scenes of Moujaes, Inc. and behind the scenes of another truly creative animator with a definitive passion for his work. - May 06, 2007

Animation Insider Interviews Jeff Hayne of BCI Eclipse interviewed classic animation distribution brand Ink & Paint. Jeff Hayne, Director of Acquisitions for BCI Eclipse, who operates Ink & Paint was kind enough to spend some time with the fan community to offer a solid breakdown of the new brand. - August 18, 2006

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