Interviews Fred M. Grandinetti

Animation Insider recently had the opportunity to exchange some questions with Fred M. Grandinetti; an author, classic cartoon enthusiast and reputable 'Popeye' historian.

Chicago, IL, August 26, 2007 --( Internet news and information group is pleased to announce a recently published interview with Fred M. Grandinetti, an individual whose love for classic cartoons and dedication to quality journalism thereof has been critical in lobbying for the domestic release of older animation on home video. For anxious fans of the medium, Grandinetti possesses years of experience in researching the indelible impression animation leaves on our culture. This interview is the newest article added to the's subsection "The Animated Voice," which houses editorials and interviews regarding the animation and comics industries.

Following several years of lobbying from industry veterans and fans alike, 'Popeye: The Sailor' has finally made its way to the homes of animation aficionados with a quality release. One of the key proponents in raising awareness for the release of classic theatrical and television animation, Fred M. Grandinetti's voice rings loud and clear above many others. Co-founder of the International Popeye Fan Club and author of the seminal book publication, 'Popeye: An Illustrated Cultural History' (McFarland & Company, 2nd ed. 2004), his personal and professional devotion to animation's favorite sailor is well documented.

Fred M. Grandinetti comments that without the assistance of confident veteran viewers of animation, the new 'Popeye: The Sailor' DVD release simply "wouldn't have happened." He continued: "I have found in Popeye's case, once he is introduced to children who have never heard of him, he has an instant new fan. I don't see why this can't work for other cartoon characters. The key is to find vehicles to introduce them to new audiences."

In the Animation Insider interview, Grandinetti replies to questions animation fans may have regarding what goes through the minds of copyright holders of classic cartoons when the fan interest in title releases increases in addition to commenting on how and why 'Popeye: The Sailor' is the prevailing definition of classic animation. With the fans playing a defining part in granting 'Popeye' a memorable, meaningful and successful initial DVD Set release, Grandinetti espies industry respect for older cartoons affording more opportunities to be on the rise.

As 'Popeye' historian Fred M. Grandinetti continues to note in his interview with Animation Insider, with the release of 'Popeye: The Sailor: 1933-1938' from Warner Home Video the animation community is ecstatic over the exposure this classic cartoon is finally receiving. Through a discussion of the digital restoration of the classic title and fans' endeavor for a contemporary release, Grandinetti affirms that 'Popeye: The Sailor' is an integral piece of the early history of animation United States, providing cartoon enthusiasts with a variety of creative and technical accomplishments through which to perceive the evolution of an increasingly artistic medium.

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