Syntes Announces the First Commercial Version of Vizubi - The Excel Business Intelligence Engine

Vizubi, the self-service business intelligence excel plug-in, is now ready. After 19,632 frog hours (that’s 2,454 man days to you), of work, the new version 1.14, code named Agalychnis callidryas. - June 29, 2010

Syntes srl Launches NScheduler, the Tool That Organizes and Schedules QlikView Reporting

Syntes launches NScheduler, QlikView Reporting. Updated. Update data, create structured Excel or .pdf reports and deliver them automatically by e-mail, to shared directories or printers. - April 26, 2010

Syntes Announces the Imminent Release of NScheduler* and New NPrinting Free and Pro Pricing

Create, produce, schedule and distribute structured professional well-formatted reports from QlikView data in Excel and Pdf. Stop writing macros to export data from QlikView to Excel. - February 05, 2010

Syntes srl Announced: NPrinting, a New Plug-in for QlikView

NPrinting allows QlikView users to easily port data from a QlikView document into Microsoft Excel in a simple, integrated workflow. It was designed to help users in the final step of reporting which is frequently done using Excel. - November 27, 2009

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