Syntes Announces the First Commercial Version of Vizubi - The Excel Business Intelligence Engine

Vizubi, the self-service business intelligence excel plug-in, is now ready. After 19,632 frog hours (that’s 2,454 man days to you), of work, the new version 1.14, code named Agalychnis callidryas.

Padova, Italy, June 29, 2010 --( About two years ago, a small group of business intelligence experts with decades of experience in implementing and using all kinds of business intelligence software got together. They were convinced that business intelligence had to be done better; that there was no reason one had to have a PhD in computer science to do business intelligence. Or spend six plus figures on software licenses which would then gather dust in the corner.

They suffered through solutions that weren't flexible, or had poor performance or required software shaped companies rather than being a company shaped software. And they continued to hear one common request; more of a whine actually. "How can I get it into Excel?" Because the end of the process for existing business intelligence projects was really the beginning of the process for actually doing business intelligence within an organization.

They wanted to create something which was radically new on the inside but completely familiar on the outside. So they started laying down specifications and creating prototypes until they had something they thought was pretty good. With this release, Vizubi is now officially available to be used in your business intelligence projects.

Some of the more interesting features added to v. 1.14:

* Filter on and suppress null values in reports
* Suppress zero values on a column by column basis
* Automatically compress data files
* Drill down from within reports
* Pivot reports with columns only
* Exclude (negative) filter hides selected values
* Better interface Improved time dimensions
* Switch reports from Pivot to Table view with a click
* Use and personalize windows environment variables to find data and files.

Users can download a fully functional free trial which you can be used for 30 days with no limitations:

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