LegalView Announces Launch of New Practice Area to Aid Those Suffering from Perforated Hearts Due to St. Jude Riata Defibrillator Lead Malfunction

LegalView developed a new practice area for victims of perforated hearts after reports found that the St. Jude Riata Defibrillator Lead wires had malfunctioned in several patients. - December 03, 2007

LegalView Launches New Practice Area Focusing on Nursing Homes Medical Malpractice and Negligence has developed a new practice area to provide information on potential medical malpractice and negligence that can occur in nursing homes and assisted living facilities. - December 03, 2007

LegalView Continues to Track Mesothelioma Information with Details of One Woman's Tragic Diagnosis

LegalView's newly updated mesothelioma blog highlights the latest jury verdicts and asbestos-related information including the story of one individual's tragic childhood asbestos exposure. A woman who, after years of hugging her father as he returned home from work each day as a dockyard worker, was diagnosed with mesothelioma cancer just after her father died from the cancer. - December 01, 2007

LegalView Launches New Practice Area to Assist Users of the Stimulant-Drug Provigil

LegalView recently launched a new practice area that assists those who have been previously prescribed to take a next-generation stimulant known as Provigil. The drug treats narcolepsy in patients, but has been cited for misuse among many. - December 01, 2007

LegalView Adds to Mesothelioma Blog with Newly Updated Information Regarding Chemotherapy for Mesothelioma Victims

LegalView provides readers with a detailed and informative mesothelioma blog where victims can learn important information on the asbestos-related cancer. Of the resources offered on the blog are topics such as chemotherapy, types of mesothelioma and how to best find a mesothelioma lawyer. - November 19, 2007

Legalview Initiates Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis Blog to Provide Readers with Powerful Resources on the Illness

To further help victims of Nephrogenic Systemic Fibrosis, LegalView is introducing an informative, detailed blog on the illness that has caused pain and suffering to those exposed to gadolinium. - November 19, 2007

LegalView Updates Mesothelioma Site to Include Blog Addressing Pertinent Questions Regarding Asbestos Exposure

LegalView provides users with a continually updated blog on its mesothelioma site informing victims of the cancer on topics like asbestos exposure and treatments. The blog includes essential information including the various different forms of mesothelioma. - November 11, 2007

LegalView Adds New Content to Provide Users with Updated Information on the Trasylol Heart-Surgery Drug Recall

Bayer A.G. makers of a heart surgery drug Trasylol recently halted the sale of the drug due to a Canadian study that implied the drug may in fact increase death rates. LegalView immediately updated its site to include information for users on the details of the recall. - November 11, 2007

LegalView Remains at the Forefront of Assisting Mesothelioma Patients as Florida Man Files Suit for Nearly 40 Years Asbestos Exposure

A Florida man, who for almost four decades claims to have been exposed to asbestos through various jobs, filed a lawsuit after being diagnosed with mesothelioma and LegalView reminds readers that it has a vast array of resources for people with similar situations. - November 06, 2007

LegalView Continues to Provide Comprehensive Brain Injury Resources as Researchers Discover Stem Cells Can Restore Memory in Brain Injury Victims

As researchers at University of California-Irvine found relief for traumatic brain injury victims through the help of neural stem cells, LegalView continues to provide a complete array of resources to keep readers up to date - November 04, 2007

LegalView Provides Up to Date Mesothelioma Information as Recent Flooding Exposes Asbestos Danger

Asbestos discovered after flooding of Redlands City Hall; LegalView offers wealth of asbestos and Mesothelioma guidance. - October 25, 2007

LegalView Informative Authority on Car Safety as Another Toddler Tragically Killed

As the Kids and Cars Safety Act goes before congress, LegalView offers wealth of automotive injury guidance. - October 15, 2007

LegalView Expands Coverage to Address Important Legal Issue of Defective Airbags

In response to growing public conern,, your home on the Web for everything legal, is expanding its coverage of defective airbags and auto accidents to focus on this potentially serious safety hazard. - September 17, 2007

LegalView Highlights New Drunk Driving Information as Authorities Institute New Sober Driving Campaign

In response to striking new information concerning drunk driving in America, would like to remind readers of its comprehensive collection of helpful legal information at its Automobile Accident information portal. - September 17, 2007

LegalView Continues to Bring Visitors Comprehensive Information on Auto Accidents

Research by the federal Department of Transportation continues to show that auto accidents are the leading accidental killer of Americans. As the weather gets warm and many people set off on road trips, would like to remind readers that comprehensive automotive safety information is always available at its auto accident information portal. - August 11, 2007

LegalView Offers Free and Comprehensive Traumatic Brain Injury Information to Returning Troops

With a Marine on trial at Camp Pendleton for actions possibly attributed in part to head injuries, and the Army launching a traumatic brain injury education campaign for troops, TBI is an important and evolving issue for our democracy. LegalView would like to remind service members, their loved ones and other citizens that it offers an extensive collection of easy-to-understand scientific and legal information about brain injuries. - August 11, 2007 Tracks Developing Story of Returning Troops with Traumatic Brain Injuries

With American troops returning to the States with record levels of head wounds, medical experts predict that traumatic brain injury will be the signature public health issue of this war. LegalView is proud to be tracking stories of soldiers with TBIs on its brain injury blog, as well as its comprehensive portal on traumatic brain injury. - July 15, 2007 Continues Development of Comprehensive Mesothelioma Portal

Far from being a fading issue, mesothelioma related to asbestos exposure is an ongoing problem, particularly for disaster relief workers who may have been exposed during Hurricane Katrina and September 11th cleanup efforts. is proud to keep its readers updated with the latest news and science on mesothelioma, asbestosis and other asbestos-related diseases. - July 15, 2007 Keeps Concerned Visitors Updated on Traumatic Brain Injury Developments

As America turns its attention to the Congressional testimony of the NFL's retired players on disability pay for traumatic brain injuries, LegalView continues to offer free, comprehensive information on news and science related to TBI. - July 05, 2007 Tracks Avandia Litigation, Other Important Avandia Information through its Avandia Information Portal is pleased to continue bringing its readers important news about Avandia in the aftermath of a recent lawsuit filed by the family of an Avandia patient. also has an extensive collection of resources related to Avandia and other important, relevant legal issues. - July 05, 2007 Continues to Track Brain Injury News and Resources Through Its Dynamic Brain Injury Blog, your resource for everything legal on the web, is staying on the cutting edge of brain injury research and news. The Traumatic Brain Injury Blog helps readers keep track of legal developments relating to brain injuries. - July 03, 2007 Keeps Visitors Informed on Proposed Moisture Plus Class Action is pleased to point its visitors toward its Moisture Plus blog at The most recent posts to this frequently updated blog discuss new Moisture Plus lawsuits, one of which seeks class action status for all victims of the possibly contaminated contact lens solution. - June 28, 2007

LegalView Portal Continues Cutting-Edge Coverage of Auto Accident Legal Issues, your resource on the Web for everything legal, is pleased to continue updating coverage of car and truck accidents for its comprehensive auto accident portal site. - June 22, 2007 Continues Coverage of Unfolding Avandia Safety Concerns

With media coverage continuing to raise serious safety questions about the diabetes drug Avandia, is proud to remind readers that it maintains a comprehensive collection of important legal information for concerned patients at their Avandia attorney information portal. Avandia... - June 21, 2007 Continues to Monitor Recall of Moisture Plus Contact Lens Solution, your comprehensive portal on the Web for all things legal, continues to closely watch the developing situation of the AMO Moisture Plus Contact Solution recall through its information portal at - June 16, 2007

LegalView Continues Development of Traumatic Brain Injury Portal with Dynamic Blog, your resource on the Web for everything legal, is pleased to continue expansion of its comprehensive portal for information on traumatic brain injuries (TBI) with a regularly updated blog. The blog focuses on recent TBI cases as well as settlements and neuroscience news related to traumatic brain injuries. - June 14, 2007 Launches Avandia Information Portal with Information on the Latest FDA Warnings, your resource for everything legal, has launched a new online resource for information on the diabetes drug Avandia located at, with details on FDA warnings and recent medical studies. - June 11, 2007 Creates Online Resource for Information on the AMO Moisture Plus Contact Solution Recall, your one-stop shop for legal information online, has responded to the recall of AMO's Moisture Plus contact lens solution with a free new Web site collecting important information for concerned contact lens wearers. - June 11, 2007 Introduces Comprehensive Mesothelioma Glossary, your resource for everything legal, has introduced a new glossary of terminology relating to the condition mesothelioma located at - May 27, 2007 Responds to National Pet Food Recall Crisis, your resource for everything legal, has launched a website about the Menu Foods pet food recall at - May 03, 2007 Launches FDA Drug Database, your resource for everything legal, has launched a database of information on drugs approved by the FDA, available at - April 14, 2007 Continues Response to Peter Pan Recall has added improvements to its Peter Pan recall site at in response to the unfolding nationwide salmonella outbreak. - March 06, 2007 Launches Peter Pan Peanut Butter Recall Site, your resource for everything legal, has launched a Peter Pan peanut butter site at in response to the recent recall of Peter Pan and Great Value peanut butter. - February 21, 2007 Prepares Child Injury Practice Area is preparing a new practice area on child injury. Located at, the area will be an up-to-date news and information portal for injured children and their parents. - February 14, 2007 Readies Birth Injury Information Portal, your resource for everything legal, is developing a comprehensive new information portal on birth injuries. Slated for launch in early 2007, will be a one-stop site for all of your questions about the risks of traumatic pregnancy and birth injuries. - January 17, 2007 Announces New Brain Injury Portal has launched an extensive news and information portal on traumatic brain injury. From the latest jury verdicts and news to informative articles, resources and blogs, is your starting point for everything you need to know about the effects of brain injury. - November 22, 2006

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