LegalView Launches New Practice Area to Assist Users of the Stimulant-Drug Provigil

LegalView recently launched a new practice area that assists those who have been previously prescribed to take a next-generation stimulant known as Provigil. The drug treats narcolepsy in patients, but has been cited for misuse among many.

Denver, CO, December 01, 2007 --( LegalView, the source for everything legal on the Web, launched its newest practice area for users of Provigil, considered a next-generation stimulant and a drug prescribed to treat narcolepsy. The drug, also known under the generic brand name Modafinil, has been noted for misuse among many users, particularly teenagers who have allegedly used the drug for things such as a study aid, to counter symptoms of drug addiction and to aid with various symptoms of depression.'s Provigil information portal contains details on the appropriate prescribed uses for the drug and the clinical disorders it treats as well as methods by which the drug might be abused.

Provigil is manufactured by Cephalon and is part of a new class of drugs called eugeroics, which tend to increase alertness and may not have the peripheral body effects or addiction/tolerance/abuse potential of traditional stimulants. The drug is designed to aid those suffering from narcolepsy, Obtrusive Sleep Apnea-Hypopnea Syndrome (OSAHS) or Shift-Work Sleep Disorder (SWSD). LegalView offers information on the drug at its new Provigil practice area in order to inform users of the drug's appropriate uses and provigil side effects that may arise from using the drug. Also located on the Provigil site is information from the Food and Drug Administration detailing the proper prescription methods of the drug that should include patients receiving a complete evaluation and clinical diagnosed with suffering from the aforementioned disorders. Additionally noted on the site are details of the alleged incident by several manufacturers who have been accused of withholding the generic form of the drug to increase profit, in which case, LegalView provides information on how to contact Provigil law firm.

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Katie Kelley