Chronicles Famous Mesothelioma Patients' Struggles chronicles the life of Merlin Olsen, football star and actor through his struggle with mesothelioma cancer. - April 06, 2010 Announces Mesothelioma Blog Content Addition is pleased to announce its most recent content update to its mesothelioma blog, detailing an asbestos removal case in Seattle. - March 30, 2010 Announces Newest Content Update to Medical Malpractice Portal is pleased to announce its most recent update to its medical malpractice information portal. - March 28, 2010 Announces Mesothelioma Blog Post Detailing International Asbestos Protest is pleased to announce its most recent mesothelioma blog post, detailing an international asbestos protest in Italy. - March 23, 2010 Announces Avandia Information Portal Update, a leader in online personal legal information, is pleased to announce an upcoming addition to their Avandia portal. - March 22, 2010 Announces New Content Update to TBI Portal is pleased to announce a new content addition to their extensive brain injury portal. - March 09, 2010 Announces Its Latest Traumatic Brain Injury Update is pleased to announce their most recent traumatic brain injury update. - February 23, 2010 Announces Construction Accident Blog Updates is pleased to announce the addition of new content to their construction accident blog. - February 16, 2010 Annouces Mesothelioma Blog Site Update is pleased to announce their most recent update to their informational mesothelioma blog. - February 14, 2010 Announces Brain Injury Blog Updates is pleased to announce their most recent Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI) blog post, this one focusing on TBI research. - February 03, 2010

LegalView Announces Newest Dorel Crib Recall Update is pleased to announce their latest article concerning the recent Dorel Crib recalls. - January 26, 2010

LegalView Annouces Updates Yasmin and Yaz Portals After 25,000 Yasmin Lawsuits Filed

LegalView is pleased to announce updates to their Yasmin and Yaz information portals in support of the recent flood of legal filings against Bayer Corp concerning Yasmin and Yaz side effects. - January 19, 2010

LegalView Announces Newest Traumatic Brain Injury Blog: Olympic Sports and TBI is pleased to announce their most recent addition to their Traumatic Brain Injury blog, available at - January 12, 2010

LegalView Announces Expansion of Car Crash Practice Area

LegalView has recently expanded their automotive crash practice area to include victims in accidents where drivers were guilty of using cell phones while operating their cars. - January 05, 2010

LegalView Stresses Winter & Cold Safety Tips in Newest Construction Blog

LegalView publishes new construction accident information including OSHA safety tips, regulations, construction accident lawsuit information and information on other legal issues. - January 01, 2010

LegalView Publishes New Info Highlighting Traumatic Brain Injury Breakthrough

New traumatic brain injury research shows diets rich in amino acid help brain injuries according to a blog published by - December 24, 2009

LegalView Announces Newest Mesothelioma Blog Highlighting Asbestos Legislation

LegalView's newest blog highlights the most recent moves from the American Public Health Association to ban products containing asbestos in the United States. - December 15, 2009

LegalView Announces Newest Brain Injury Blog Update

LegalView, the online leader in personal injury legal information, is proud to announce their newest brain injury blog post. This post follows some recent legislation proposed by a senator in West Virginia. - December 07, 2009

LegalView Announces Mesothelioma Search Refinement has refined and optimized their mesothelioma search engine to provide the most relevant and recent results available on the Internet. - November 17, 2009

LegalView Continues Providing Updated Mesothelioma Blog Content

LegalView has consistently and regularly updated their mesothelioma blog with the most recent and relevant mesothelioma information available. - October 16, 2009

LegalView Announces Support for Mesothelioma Searchers continues to support mesothelioma and asbestos bloggers with their mesothelioma search tool. - October 08, 2009

LegalView Announces Continued Updates of Brain Injury Blog

LegalView has consistently updated their traumatic brain injury blog over the past few weeks, providing even more information for those individuals suffering from the effects of a brain injury, or those persons simply seeking additional resources on the subject. - September 29, 2009

LegalView Announces Newest Mesothelioma Blog Post

LegalView is pleased to announce that after their recent bulletin regarding the launch of their mesothelioma blog, the newest blog is finally posted at - September 21, 2009

LegalView Announces Newest Brain Injury Blog

LegalView is pleased to announce that after the recent announcement they would begin updating their Traumatic Brain Injury blog, they have posted a new blog on this site. - September 16, 2009

LegalView Announces Continued Successful Updates of Content

In a continued display of commitment to individuals seeking legal information on personal injury claims, LegalView remains a top provider of resources and assistance accessing helpful tools such as a mesothelioma search engine. - August 30, 2009

LegalView Announces Construction Accident Blog Updates

LegalView has recently announced that it will begin updating a construction accident blog in hopes of providing information to individuals seeking access to construction accident resources. - August 21, 2009

LegalView Announces Continued Success of Mesothelioma Search Engine continues to provide the most comprehensive informational site on mesothelioma with the success of its mesothelioma search engine. - August 11, 2009

LegalView Announces Reglan Information Portal Launch, the definitive authority concerning personal injury legal access online, announced this week the launch of a new information portal, this one regarding the drug Reglan. - August 07, 2009

LegalView Successfully Launches Three Information Portals, Adds New Content to Construction Accident Site has successfully completed the launch of three of their information portals and has recently announced it will begin adding new content to the construction accident information portal. - July 28, 2009

Federal Lawsuits Allege Yasmin/Yaz Side Effects Responsible for Several Deaths

Lawsuits filed in Federal court allege that Bayer AG's contraceptive medicine Yasmin/Yaz is responsible for several deaths involving complications from side effects. - July 26, 2009 Successfully Launches Construction Accident Information Portal has successfully launched their construction accident information portal after weeks of redesign of the site. The site is accessible at and contains new pages, new information, and continues to provide access to a construction accident lawyer and a construction accident lawfirm. - July 08, 2009 Launches Chinese Drywall Information Portal, the online leader in comprehensive legal information, has announced the newest addition to its expansive resource base of personal injury issues. This week marks the launch of the most recent site, a Chinese drywall information portal, available at... - July 02, 2009

LegalView Announces Launch of Construction Accident Information Portal, the number one legal information source on the Web, will soon launch its long anticipated construction accident information portal. - June 19, 2009

LegalView Launches Mesothelioma Search Engine

LegalView, the most expansive legal resource available on the Web, has announced the development of an exciting new mesothelioma search engine. This new utility allows users to search through an extensive database of articles pertaining to mesothelioma, sites containing information on asbestos... - June 10, 2009

LegalView to Re-Launch Construction Accident Lawsuit Information Portal

LegalView, the number-one source for everything legal on the web, will soon launch a revamped version of its construction accident legal information resource. - June 03, 2009

LegalView Informs Baxter Heparin Patients of New Testing Standards for Blood Thinner Following Deaths from Alleged Previous Contamination

LegalView recently reported on new Baxter Heparin testing standards that are to be implemented this year and will ensure the blood thinner’s safety following several deaths after the allegedly contaminated drug was used by patients. The tainted blood thinner was found to have an ingredient that may have been related to the deaths of several and sickened hundreds. - June 01, 2009

LegalView Updates Its Mesothelioma Information Portal with Information of Treatment Toxicity Level Testing Among Patients

LegalView recently added updated information to its mesothelioma cancer portal regarding the study of treatment toxicity levels on patients. Several physicians out of Boston are attempting to determine the highest level of medicinal treatments that can be administered without a mesothelioma patient developing toxic levels of the drugs. - March 16, 2009

LegalView Informs Readers of New Criminal Probe Involving Peanut Butter Recall Salmonella Poisonings

LegalView recently updated its peanut butter recall information portal with the latest details involving the salmonella poisonings that have led to the deaths of several consumers. A criminal probe has been developed to investigate the details surrounding the poisonings. - February 03, 2009

LegalView Updates Mesothelioma Information Portal with Details of New Treatment for Victims Utilizing Cholesterol Drug

LegalView recently updated its mesothelioma practice area to include details of several new treatment trials for victims of the fatal lung cancer. One such treatment option is the use of a cholesterol drug known as Lovastatin. - February 03, 2009

LegalView Continues to Offer Updated News on the Recent Peanut Butter Recall Linked to Salmonella Poisonings and Several Deaths

LegalView updated its peanut butter recall information portal to provide consumers with up-to-the-minute news on the salmonella poisonings that have become fatal for several consumers. Nearly 500 Americans have now been affected by the tainted peanut butter. - January 28, 2009

LegalView Updates Avandia Information Portal with New Articles Detailing Potentially Dangerous Side Effects

LegalView continued to maintain its newsworthy coverage on its Avandia information portal with the recent addition of several new articles detailing the drug's potentially dangerous side effects. The type 2 diabetes drug has been linked to bone fracture, osteoporosis and heart failure among patients. - January 28, 2009

LegalView Updates Peanut Butter Recall Information Portal with Info on Salmonella Contaminations Among Several Tainted Food Products

LegalView recently reported on the outbreak of salmonella poisoning among Peanut Corporation of America (PCA) brands of peanut butter across the country. Five consumers have died linked to the rash of tainted peanut butter, which is expected to affect more Americans. - January 20, 2009

LegalView Developing Cranial Implant Information Portal Detailing the Recall of Stryker Cranial Implant Kits

LegalView recently created a new information portal detailing the recall of approximately 322 cranial implant kits that were implanted in patients suffering from face, jaw and cranium injuries. The kits have been recalled due to controversy on the sterility of the implants. - January 20, 2009

LegalView Updates Mesothelioma Information Portal with News of Diagnostics Test Capable of Differentiating Between Lung Cancer Types

LegalView recently reported on a new test that was designed to accurately differentiate mesothelioma cancer from other types of lung cancers. The test is expected to improve the accuracy of identifying and treating the fatal condition. - January 16, 2009

LegalView Informs Brain Injury Victims of Important Study That May Lead to Increase in TBI Treatments and Therapies

LegalView recently alerted traumatic brain injury victims of a new study to be completed over the next five years, which is responsible for developing improved rehabilitation therapies for TBI patients. The study will be lead by several health facilities across the U.S. and Canada. - January 16, 2009

LegalView Reports Traumatic Brain Injury Study Concluding Spirituality Increases Following Brain Damage

LegalView recently reported the results of a scientific study in which victims of a brain injury were more likely to report strong spiritual associations. The researchers found that feelings of spirituality might actually be caused by brain damage among victims and trauma caused to the right parietal lobe. - January 14, 2009

LegalView Informs Parents of Crib Recall Following Several Infant Deaths Caused by Asphyxiation from Improper Crib Mechanisms

LegalView recently reported a Delta Enterprise crib recall following the deaths of several children because of faulty crib mechanisms causing asphyxiation among infants. The drop side of several of the cribs has been the alleged cause of the recent recall. - January 14, 2009

LegalView Reports Development of a Breakthrough Study Explaining How Asbestos Causes Mesothelioma Cancer

LegalView recently reported of a study by scientists at Ohio State University who are attempting to determine the molecular details of how asbestos fibers bind to human cancer cells. The scientists hope that with the study, they will eventually be able to produce more adequate mesothelioma treatments. - January 01, 2009

LegalView Features New Traumatic Brain Injury Treatment Information for U.S. Soldiers Using Diver’s Therapy for Victims

LegalView recently updated its traumatic brain injury information portal with a potential new treatment that is being examined by researchers and may assist U.S. soldiers suffering from brain injury. The treatment is often used on a condition known as diver’s bends, but may be useful among TBI patients. - January 01, 2009

LegalView Updates Its Baxter Heparin Information Portal with Conflicting News Reports on the Possible Dangers

LegalView informed individuals of recent conflicting news reports on the ongoing Baxter Heparin blood thinner controversy. The FDA has claimed that Baxter's Heparin was not the cause of death among several patients, but the agency has also alleged that that the tainted blood thinner likely did cause death among patients. - December 26, 2008

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