YourCause Volunteer Manager Enhancements Deliver Innovation and Simplicity to Employee Experience

YourCause, LLC, the leader in enterprise philanthropy and corporate social responsibility technology, announced today an update to its Volunteer Manager product. This release combines new features and functionality, an improved user experience, and a modern technology architecture to empower... - September 21, 2018

YourCause Volunteers Support United Nations Sustainable Development Goal #4

The Staff from YourCause, provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, and their families participated in a volunteer event with Community Partners of Dallas to provide new school supplies and uniforms to over 2,500 Dallas County children. YourCause chose this day of service to align with the United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goal 4: to ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all. - August 08, 2016

YourCause’s Client Growth Triggers the Addition of Odessa Jenkins to the Leadership Team

YourCause LLC, provider of CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, is excited to announce the addition of Odessa Jenkins as the director of client services. The Director of Client Services will be responsible for providing existing clients with enhanced support, as well as, ongoing guidance to all... - August 14, 2014

YourCause Releases a New Nonprofit Portal to Maximize Workplace Giving Programs

YourCause, the provider of the CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, has launched a new online portal specifically for nonprofit organizations seeking to interact with the YourCause network of corporate employee giving, volunteering, and sustainability programs. The new platform will continue to... - July 14, 2014

YourCause Grows by 60% in 2013 and Expects Similar Trend in 2014

YourCause, LLC, provider of the CSRconnect employee engagement solution, has released their 2013 revenue growth rate of 61%. Since 2009, the company has consistently grown revenues by more than 60% year-over-year and expects to do the same in 2014. Similarly, the company employee headcount and... - January 28, 2014

YourCause and Silicon Valley Community Foundation Release Revolutionary Solution to Transform International Grantmaking

In partnership with Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF), YourCause is offering a revolutionary approach for making international grantmaking more accessible to all companies and their employees throughout the world. Employees of companies using YourCause’s CSRconnect platform now have... - July 10, 2013

Silicon Valley Community Foundation and YourCause Announce Partnership to Create CSR Center

Silicon Valley Community Foundation (SVCF) and YourCause, LLC announced a new partnership that will integrate SVCF’s domestic and international grantmaking expertise with the employee engagement solutions currently being delivered by YourCause. Additionally, the partnership has committed to... - April 04, 2013

YourCause Partners with Versaic to Enhance Delivery of Corporate Grant Management Solutions

Versaic corporate grant tracking solution to be integrated within the CSRconnect platform. - March 21, 2013

YourCause Celebrates Five Year Anniversary

YourCause celebrates fifth anniversary of developing and providing CSRconnect employee SaaS engagement platform to multinational corporations. - February 25, 2013

YourCause Announces Third Annual CSRworks Summit in the Bay Area

YourCause invites clients, partners, and CSR leaders to drive “Innovation through Collaboration” at CSRworks Summit 2013 in Redwood City, California. - February 12, 2013

YourCause Brings “Innovation through Collaboration” at Annual CSRworks Summit

YourCause CSRworks Summit invites clients, partners, and CSR leaders to unite and impact the future of corporate social responsibility programs. - September 12, 2012

YourCause Partners with UniversalGiving to Enhance International Vetting Options

YourCause and UniversalGiving partner to provide additional international vetting options for corporations seeking to volunteer and donate across the globe. - August 15, 2012

YourCause Enhances Existing Volunteer Platform, Adds Skills-Based Volunteering to CSRconnect

New volunteering feature allows users to establish a skill profile, and create/search volunteer opportunities with specific skills. - July 12, 2012

YourCause and CanadaHelps Partner to Expand Online Giving to Canadian Charities

YourCause partners with Canada’s leading online charitable donation processor to expand the giving tools of the CSRconnect employee engagement platform. - June 27, 2012

YourCause Continues Expansion with New Office and Key Hires

YourCause, LLC announces the opening of its new office space in Carrollton, Texas to accommodate for their continued growth and mission to develop global good. - June 19, 2012

CSRconnect’s New Segmentation Feature Brings Employees in Direct Contact with Their Most Relevant Programs

YourCause, LLC deploys a new segmentation feature that allows employees to engage directly with their day-to-day operations and company programs in a more relevant manner. - April 09, 2012

YourCause Forms Partnership with ammado to Expand International Charitable Options

YourCause and ammado partner to multiply international giving opportunities for multinational employees on the CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform. - February 21, 2012

YourCause and Entrepreneurs Foundation Partner to Promote Employee Engagement Programs

YourCause and Entrepreneurs Foundation partner to promote CSRconnect, the YourCause employee engagement platform that encourages corporate citizenship globally. - September 08, 2011

YourCause Releases Significant Enhancement to CSRconnect Platform

YourCause introduces new site navigation structure that enables users’ experience to be intuitive, effective, appealing, and efficient. - August 29, 2011

YourCause Reaches Milestone by Supporting a Network of More Than One Million Eligible Employees

CSRconnect, an employee engagement platform and product of YourCause, now supports a network of more than one million eligible employees. - July 14, 2011

YourCause Achieves PCI Compliance and Attestation Certification

YourCause received their PCI Compliance and Attestation Certification as of June 1, 2011— a forward step in their ongoing effort toward a more secure, protected system. - June 09, 2011

YourCause Adds Sixth Language to CSRconnect Global Employee Engagement Platform

YourCause launches Japanese as a sixth language to their CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform in an effort to meet the growing multilingual needs of corporate social responsibility programs. - May 26, 2011

YourCause Provides Solution for High School Volunteer Curriculum

YourCause, which offers major organizations with innovative web-based social responsibility solutions, creates a volunteer-focused online community for Episcopal School of Dallas. - September 22, 2010

YourCause Partners with GlobalGiving for International Projects

YourCause, which provides major corporations with an innovative web-based corporate social responsibility platform, partners with GlobalGiving Foundation to offer a seamless experience for donating and volunteering outside the U.S. - September 16, 2010

YourCause Partners with HelpAttack for Social Good

YourCause, which provides major corporations with an innovative web-based corporate social responsibility platform, partners with HelpAttack, an internet company that converts social actions into social good. - September 09, 2010

YourCause, LLC Launches

YourCause, which offers major corporations with an innovative web-based corporate social responsibility platform called CSRconnect, introduces an online emergency relief solution for new companies and prior clients wishing to make an immediate impact when disasters strike. - September 03, 2010

YourCause, LLC Goes Global

YourCause, LLC launches international features for Cause Connect, an all-inclusive employee engagement platform. Newest features include: multilingual settings, international credit card processing, intercontinental volunteer opportunities and global program tracking/reporting. - July 21, 2010 Expands Nonprofit Platform Beyond Fundraising

Social media site expands functionality to include an easy-to-update ‘Needs List’ and ‘Volunteer Opportunity’ function that allows nonprofits to ask for tangible goods as well as volunteers via a growing online caring community. - March 06, 2010 Community Responds to Haiti Crisis

Social media site proves safe and effective for immediate fundraising crisis response. - January 28, 2010

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