YourCause Releases Significant Enhancement to CSRconnect Platform

YourCause introduces new site navigation structure that enables users’ experience to be intuitive, effective, appealing, and efficient.

Dallas, TX, August 29, 2011 --( YourCause announces their new dual top and side navigation, which will affect and all corporate communities currently under the CSRconnect platform. The redesign has been a major priority and an important element to establishing an easier, effective and more appealing user experience. With the new enhancement, YourCause users and employees will be able to track their social services seamlessly, e.g. log volunteer hours, find a service opportunity, fundraise for an event, enroll in payroll deduct and more.

Improvements made to build a seamless platform and user experience:

· Easy access to features in the site by adding drop-down style menus that open automatically and show sub-menu items, with no clicking required.
· Navigation bar shifted to left of the screen to provide a natural left to right eye movement.
· Side navigation works complimentary to the top navigation and allows users to focus on tools that are most important to them.
· Icons added within the side navigation for visual appeal along with a highlight that lets you know instantaneously which page you are on.
· A drop down home tab offers the user to go to their homepage (the dashboard), the company home, or regional home (a homepage for users to see in their region).
· Each tab will now have one single location where all functions are listed—at the top level— and users can chose and pick where to go from there.

“Our team spent months evaluating and analyzing the next generation of our navigational structure, sifting through countless designs and proposed ideas. We are very happy with the final results and have already begun to see noticeable improvements in performance,” said Matthew Combs, CEO of YourCause. “We listened to feedback and suggestions from our clients and users, which allowed us to come up with a navigation system that truly enhances a user’s experience aesthetically and functionally.”

Deploying the platform navigation system is part of an ongoing effort from YourCause to stay ahead of the curve in technology when it comes to making the most impact online. The YourCause team is continually listening to user and client feedback to assist these efforts and look forward to unveiling additional innovative features in the oncoming months.

About YourCause, LLC

YourCause provides companies with the CSRconnect Employee Engagement Platform, a dynamic online community tool that consolidates core programming, elevates limited communications, increases participation and truly measures success through comprehensive real-time reporting. The fully-hosted and managed platform contains flexible choices of modules for programs such as employee giving, volunteer, disaster relief, grant management, payroll deductions and more.

YourCause's four pillars of core values (customer service, flexibility, partnerships and fun) contribute to their continual ability to develop solutions that cater to the growing demands of the CSR market. YourCause views all clients and partners as part of their team and mission to "develop global good."

YourCause, LLC
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