Brainvisa Announces Its New Range of Services for Rapid Mobile Learning

Moving up to the next level in Learning, Brainvisa unveils its capabilities in mLearning including-rapid eLearning authoring systems, custom mobile-based portals and custom content for Mobile phones. - August 14, 2008

Create Vast Interaction Libraries Offline, in a Short Time Span with RapideL-i

RapideL-i, the internet-based rapid e-Learning tool has been upgraded to include a new feature to create courses offline. - July 31, 2008

Encora Group Joins Indecomm Corporation to Create the Next Leader in Consulting, Technology and Outsourcing Services

Indecomm Corporation (“Indecomm”) today announced that Encora Group, BVI (“Encora”) had joined the Indecomm family. - June 23, 2008

RapideL-i Now Enables Complete Design Flexibility for eLearning Developers

RapideL-i, the internet-based rapid e-learning tool innovated by Brainvisa has recently added a WYSIWYG (What you see is what you get) template for complete design flexibility. - June 18, 2008

RapideL-i Now Armed with 100 New eLearning Templates

RapideL-i, the internet-based rapid e-learning tool has been upgraded to include 50 Flash based templates and 50 HTML based templates to create engaging eLearning with high interactivity. - April 30, 2008

RapideL-i Supports Creation of HTML Based eLearning Courses

RapideL-i, the internet-based rapid eLearning tool supports creation of HTML based courseware. - March 06, 2008

Brainvisa’s Newly Launched RapideL-i, Extends Its Introductory Price of $ 499

Brainvisa announced today, the extension of their introductory price of $499 for their recently launched internet based rapid eLearning tool- RapideL-i. - January 10, 2008

Brainvisa Launches RapideL-i, the Internet-Based Rapid eLearning Tool

Brainvisa announced today, the launch of their new web- based rapid eLearning tool- RapideL-i - November 28, 2007

RapideL Set to Augment Its Power

Brainvisa is getting ready to launch an online version of RapideL, the rapid eLearning authoring solution. The upcoming product is currently under private testing, and the beta site is set to launch in the third week of September and will become largely available to the public from October this... - September 21, 2007

Now, RapideL Enhance 3.1 Helps Deliver Market Leadership Training

5K Consultancy Group, responsible for developing the 5K methodology for Business success and Leadership Training, has selected RapideL Enhance 3.1 to develop their customized, media rich, instructionally sound courseware for their clients and consultancy partners. - July 26, 2007

Cameron University Selects RapideL Enhance 3.1 for Its Rapid eLearning Authoring Needs

Cameron University, a multi-purpose university which offers Educational programs in Southwest Oklahoma, has selected RapideL Enhance 3.1 as it authoring tool. - June 28, 2007

Training Media Review Gives RapideL Enhance a Strong Buy Recommendation

Training Media Review (TMR), an online service that provides Independent reviews of media-based training technology, has given RapideL Enhance a 3 ½ star rating- higher than most of the other competing products. - April 12, 2007

Brainvisa Announces Beta Launch of RapideL Discover 1.0

RapideL, the rapid e-learning authoring suite innovated by Brainvisa has now launched the beta version of RapideL Discover 1.0 - April 05, 2007

RapideL Launches its New Ticket Service

RapideL, the rapid e-learning authoring suite has now launched its ticket service to provide timely and accurate advisory support around RapideL. - March 22, 2007

RapideL is Set to Launch its Rapid eLearning Suite

RapideL, the rapid e-learning authoring tool is now heading towards creating a suite to cater to every rapid eLearning need. - March 08, 2007

RapideL is Now Available in 3 New Languages

RapideL, the rapid e-learning authoring tool is now available in German, Portuguese and Italian languages. - March 01, 2007

Rapidel Will Soon Enable Creation of Courses Based on Adaptive Learning Techniques

Mid March this year, RapideL will raise the bar of training development to provide support for the much needed, pedagogically sound, Adaptive Learning Techniques. - February 21, 2007

Attendees at Learning Technologies Enthralled by RapideL

RapideL, the rapid eLearning tool won much applause as crowds of learning and development professionals attended Learning Technologies, Europe's leading learning & skills event. - February 06, 2007

Brainvisa Partners with LearnScapes to Offer RapideL in South Africa

Brainvisa ( a provider of end to end Learning solutions based out of US, UK, India and Australia, announced today that it has entered into an agreement with Learnscapes in South Africa, to sell RapideL, the rapid eLearning content authoring solution and its services in the South African market. - February 02, 2007

Missing Ingredients in your Training Recipe? Visit Brainvisa at Stand 88 - Learning Technologies, London

Meet Brainvisa at Stand 88 of Learning Technologies Exhibition at Olympia 2, London on 31st January and 1st February 2007. - January 23, 2007

eLearning at Double the Speed in Portugal as RapideL Partners with Digitalis

Brainvisa and Digitalis have formed a strategic alliance to offer RapideL. - January 18, 2007

Rapid Courseware Development and Reviews with RapideL

RapideL, the rapid elearning content authoring solution has overcome some crucial challenges in courseware development and project management. It has been felt by the content development community that there is a pressing need for efficient project management. Also, cyclic review processes are time... - January 09, 2007

RapideL Now Available on the Kineo Rapid eLearning Store

Kineo, a UK based eLearning consultancy and research firm with extensive experience in the areas of learning, technology and knowledge management, have recently chosen RapideL for their Rapid eLearning store. - December 12, 2006

RapideL Extends its Arms in the UK with Learning Sphere

Brainvisa and Learning Sphere have formed a strategic alliance to offer product, solutions and services around RapideL – an authoring workflow solution. - December 07, 2006

RapideL Delivers Quick ROI and Development @ the Speed of Light for a US Catalog Player

A leading training catalog organization in North America has selected RapideL to develop cost-effective regulatory and compliance training to its business clients. - November 28, 2006

RapideL Authoring Workflow Framework: Complexity Out, Simplicity In

The RapideL Workflow successfully takes charge at 3 large US corporate giants, enabling them to migrate to workflow based courseware development methodology. - November 15, 2006

RapideL Enables Rapid eLearning Development in 22 Languages

RapideL has been enabled with support for language localization in up to 22 languages. - November 10, 2006

Brainvisa Partners with Learn HQ to Put Your eLearning in the Fast Track

Brainvisa and Learn HQ have formed a strategic alliance to offer RapideL. - October 27, 2006

RapideL 3.1 Spells Value for the Moodle Community – It Takes Two to Tango

RapideL, an innovative rapid eLearning content authoring solution, is now seamlessly compatible with Moodle. - October 12, 2006

Brainvisa's RapideL Scores Brownie Points with Kineo's Review

"RapideL is a very fast tool for rapid eLearning and a great vehicle for simple content that you need producing quickly." - Says Kineo - September 28, 2006

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