Polaris Study: Screening Heart Patients for Depression with a Cardiac-based Assessment Greatly Reduces False Positives

When screening heart patients for depression, it is more effective and accurate to use a tool that has been tailored specifically for cardiac patients, a study from Polaris Health Directions finds. - September 24, 2010

Polaris Partners with Bexar County Family Justice Center to Improve Services for Abused Women

Results from the implementation of Polaris-DV at Bexar County Family Justice Center indicate high levels of poor mental health among abused women, highlighting the need to identify and address these conditions and the difference treatment can make. - September 09, 2010

Polaris to Present at International Conference on Violence, Abuse & Trauma

Dr. Linda Toche-Manley, vice president of Polaris Health Directions, will present on an innovative outcomes management tool for domestic violence treatment at the 15th annual International Conference on Violence, Abuse and Trauma. - August 26, 2010

Polaris Begins Commercial Development of Mental Health Assessment System for Oncology

After a successful pilot period, Polaris Health Directions, in collaboration with the University of Massachusetts Medical Center, is now developing a behavioral health assessment system for use with cancer patients. - August 14, 2010

Canadian Military Extends Contract with Polaris Health Directions for Its Mental Health Assessment System

The Canadian Department of National Defense will continue its use of Polaris-MH (mental health), a computer-based behavioral health assessment that supports clinicians as they plan, manage and improve the mental health treatment of adults. - July 29, 2010

Einstein Cardiac Rehab Center Screens Patients for Depression with Polaris Health Direction's Cardiac Solution

Cardiologists at Einstein’s Cardiac Rehabilitation Center are now offering screening and monitoring for depression, using a new mental health assessment system that identifies patients in need of help. - July 27, 2010

Polaris Offers Computer/Fax Mental Health System to Guide Clinicians & Monitor Patients' Progress

Polaris offers a computer/fax-based clinical decision support system for mental health clinics to track patients' progress and alert therapists to serious conditions, such as suicidality and chemical dependency. - June 17, 2010

Polaris Awarded Grant for Its Behavioral Health Screening System for College Students

Today’s college counselors are required to address more and more serious problems, often with fewer resources. Polaris's College Outcomes Management System will help them evaluate and monitor students’ conditions, and provide more effective services before their problems escalate. - June 11, 2010

Polaris Child Welfare System: Predicting Likelihood of Permanency and Improving Care

Polaris Health Directions child welfare software solution supports caseworkers as they determine the best course of action for the children they serve. The system's predictive capabilities has accurately classified 80 percent of youth who will achieve permanency. - May 27, 2010

Polaris Health Directions Receives Grant for Its Domestic Violence Solution for the Medical and Public Sector

Polaris has received continued federal funding for its behavioral health product solution for assessing and treating abused women. - May 15, 2010

New Polaris Solution Improves Outcomes, Lowers Treatment Costs for Wraparound Youth

Polaris's Smart-Wraparound solution supports states, counties and private providers as they determine the optimal service mix for the children they serve. - April 29, 2010

Polaris Announces Two New Product Solutions for Youth Behavioral Health Care

Polaris Health Directions has introduced two new products for youth behavioral health care that will support better outcomes in the wraparound setting. - April 15, 2010

Polaris Study Links Social Supports to Reduced Risk of Hospitalization for Heart Patients

Research, conducted by Polaris Health Directions under a grant from the National Institutes of Health, has found a strong link between a supportive social network (family, friends and community) and reduced risk of hospitalization among cardiac patients. - March 27, 2010

Polaris Health Directions and Magellan Health Services to Present on Polaris-Youth at CANS Conference

Dr. Linda Toche-Manley, vice president of Polaris Health Directions, and Barbara Dunn, manager of innovation and outcomes with Magellan, will present the results of a five-year quality improvement project that examined the outcomes of various service mixes for youth enrolled in behavioral health rehabilitative services. - March 11, 2010

Innovation in Assessment Improves Substance Abuse Treatment Outcomes

Polaris Health Directions, a leader in the development of science driven outcomes management assessment systems, has partnered with New Hope Foundation, a leading New Jersey-based addictions treatment provider, to enhance its Chemical Dependency assessment system, Polaris-CD. - February 18, 2010

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