Polaris Among Sponsors for Mercy Health Golf Cancer Fundraiser

Polaris was thrilled to attend this year's Mercy Golf Classic in support of the health system's cancer treatment programs. - September 19, 2014

Health IT Key to Advancing Evidence-Based Practices in Behavioral Health, Says Polaris’s Chief of Research

Last week, Polaris's Grant Grissom, Ph.D., presented to an Institute of Medicine committee on the ways assessment technology can enable the implementation of evidence-based practices in behavioral health. - July 30, 2014

New Version of Polaris’s Substance Abuse Assessment Platform to Support Motivational Interviewing

Enhancements to the current system include updating the clinical reports to highlight predictors of risk for non-engagement, motivation for change and readiness for change. - July 10, 2014

Polaris to Exhibit Oncology Distress Management Program at Upcoming AOSW Conference

Polaris will be at booth 401 during the 30th annual AOSW conference to spotlight its comprehensive oncology distress management platform. - May 25, 2014

Polaris Releases Latest Version of iPad Interface for Its Oncology Distress Management System

The enhanced iPad interface for Polaris's oncology distress management system will create a more user friendly experience for patients. - May 23, 2014

Polaris Raises New Round of Capital to Support Product Commercialization

With new capital, Polaris is ramping up commercialization activities to enhance its current portfolio of solutions for patients for the medical and behavioral health outcomes market. - May 08, 2014

Polaris Awarded $1.1 Million NIDA Grant to Improve Patient Engagement in Treatment for Addiction

Patient engagement is a critical component to successful outcomes in substance abuse treatment. With funding from NIDA, Polaris has developed a tool designed to predict and improve the likelihood of engagement. - April 05, 2014

New Research Grants, Expansion of Oncology Distress Management Program Among 2013 Highlights

Polaris Health Directions enjoyed an exciting and productive 2013 as it continued to establish itself as an industry leader in behavioral health outcomes technology. - December 26, 2013

Polaris Data Reflect the Scope of Distress Experienced by Cancer Patients

Findings of a recent analysis of data collected by the Polaris Oncology Distress Management System included: 35 percent of patients experienced at least moderate distress, and an additional 30 percent reported financial or insurance concerns. - October 30, 2013

With NIH Funding, Polaris to Develop New Technology to Help Teens Better Manage Type I Diabetes

E-assessment, e-learning and e-messaging will be at the core of a new system to support teens in self-managing their diabetes. - September 18, 2013

Polaris Now Offering Quality of Life Modules for Its Oncology Distress Management Tool

Polaris's quality of life modules support the delivery of comprehensive cancer care by helping multidisciplinary care teams identify the full breadth of patients' behavioral, physical and personal struggles, and then connecting patients to the services they need. - September 05, 2013

More and More Cancer Centers Choosing Polaris Oncology for Distress Management

Polaris Oncology is an all-in-one solution to navigate and support cancer centers through every step of psychosocial distress care. - July 19, 2013

Polaris Launches Forum for Its Oncology Distress Management System

Polaris's new online forum will offer a platform for inquiry and discussion about the Polaris Oncology Distress Management System. - June 28, 2013

Polaris to Spotlight Latest Enhancements to Its Oncology Distress System at Upcoming AOSW Conference

Polaris staff will be at the annual Association of Oncology Social Work conference next week to feature the Polaris Oncology Distress Management System, and highlight its latest capabilities. - June 01, 2013

Polaris Awarded NCI Grant to Develop Oncology Survivor Transition System

Polaris and University of Massachusetts have partnered to develop a groundbreaking automated system to create comprehensive, tailored cancer survivorship plans. - May 25, 2013

Scientific Design, Development of Polaris’s Oncology Distress Management System Published in Contemporary Clinical Trials

This paper offers insight into the scientific foundation, development and implementation methods of the Polaris Oncology Distress Management System. - May 15, 2013

Polaris, New Hope Foundation Develop Clinical Tool to Predict & Improve Engagement in Substance Abuse Treatment

Earlier identification of patients who are unlikely to engage in substance abuse treatment can help to improve rates of treatment completion and post-treatment recovery. - April 20, 2013

Polaris Study Offers Evidence of How Outcomes Management Technology Can Transform Child Welfare Services

Polaris shares the results of a multi-year study on the use of outcomes management technology in child welfare, and advocates for its widespread implementation. - March 14, 2013

Polaris Releases Enhanced Version of Its Oncology Distress Management System

Polaris Oncology's new features reflect Polaris's continued commitment to ensure that the system best meets the needs of both cancer care teams and the patients they treat. - February 22, 2013

Polaris to Present Its Oncology Distress Management System at Upcoming APOS Conference

Polaris's senior research scientist, Tina Harralson, Ph.D., will discuss the NIH-funded research that is the foundation for Polaris Oncology, as well as case studies on integrating the system into the clinical workflow. - February 09, 2013

Empathic and Polaris Join Forces to Help Improve the Delivery of Behavioral Health Care

The merging of Polaris's and Empathic's systems will provide a powerful solution for improving therapeutic outcomes: Clinicians will have more time for their patients, and a wealth of clinical data at their fingertips to help ensure patients receive the best course of care the first time around. - January 25, 2013

Polaris' Mental Health Outcomes System Highlighted in Integrating Science and Practice

The November issue of Integrating Science and Practice includes an article featuring Polaris-MH, an outcomes assessment system for screening, assessing and monitoring mental health in adult outpatient settings. - November 23, 2012

Polaris & UMass to Develop Remote Brief Intervention Technology for Alcohol Misuse with Funding from a $340k Federal Grant

With new federal grant, Polaris and UMass Medical School will build a remote brief intervention and referral to treatment system to improve the detection of and service delivery for alcohol misuse among medical patients. - October 12, 2012

Virtua, Phoenixville Among the Latest Cancer Centers to Implement Polaris’s Oncology Distress Management System

Virtua Fox Chase Cancer Program and The Cancer Center at Phoenixville Hospital are now using Polaris Oncology to help assess for and manage the psychosocial distress of their cancer patients. - September 22, 2012

Polaris Awarded Grant to Improve Patient Engagement in Treatment for Chemical Dependency

Polaris, in collaboration with the New Hope Foundation, will be enhancing its chemical dependency outcomes management system to better predict and improve engagement rates in treatment. - August 08, 2012

Polaris Oncology System Encourages Smokers to Quit

Polaris Health Directions' oncology distress management system includes a tobacco screener and referral generator to encourage cancer patients to quit smoking. Dropping the habit may help improve the body's ability to heal and respond to treatment. - July 17, 2012

Polaris Achieves New Milestone: 250k Assessments Administered in Support of Better Behavioral Health Care

Polaris continues to extend its reach with 150 provider organizations in the United States and Canada now using one of its behavioral health outcomes assessment systems. - June 22, 2012

Polaris to Exhibit Oncology System at the Association of Oncology Social Work Conference in Boston

Polaris is exhibiting its Polaris Oncology Distress Management System in Boston this week at the 28th annual Association of Oncology Social Work (AOSW) Conference. - May 31, 2012

Polaris Publishes on Predicting Permanency for Child Welfare Youth in The Journal of Behavioral Health Services and Research

Collecting mental health and strength data from youth and their families in the child welfare system can have a positive impact on how they react to and engage in planning their care, a new paper from Polaris reports. - May 18, 2012

Polaris Presents at the National Conference on Health & Domestic Violence

Polaris presented last week at the National Conference on Health and Domestic Violence on the use of outcomes management technology to better detect IPV among chemically dependent adults. - April 04, 2012

Polaris Substance Abuse Assessment System Identifies Spike in Drug Abuse Among Heavy Drinkers

A yearly analysis of data collected using Polaris Health Directions’ chemical dependency outcomes assessment system, Polaris-CD, has revealed a significant increase in drug use among patients seeking treatment for alcohol problems in California. - January 27, 2012

American College of Surgeons Selects Polaris Oncology for Its Best Practices Repository

Polaris Oncology Distress Management System has been included in the ACoS Best Practices Repository for its ability to support oncologists with psychosocial distress screening, monitoring and treatment referral. - January 12, 2012

Polaris to Present on Resilience and Domestic Violence at Upcoming Alternatives 2011 Conference

Polaris Health Directions will present at this year's Alternatives 2011 conference on ways health care professionals can better address domestic violence. - October 20, 2011

Polaris’s Oncology Distress Management System’s Alcohol Screens May Help Improve Outcomes

Studies on screening and brief interventions in health care settings for alcohol misuse show a positive effect, including improved treatment adherence and clinical response among patients with chronic diseases, and a strong potential for decreasing health care costs. - October 08, 2011

Polaris’s Oncology Distress Management System Addresses Key New Accreditation Standards from the Commission on Cancer

Screening cancer patients for psychosocial distress is among the latest accreditation standards released by ACS. Polaris's Oncology Distress Management System can help cancer treatment centers meet this new requirement. - September 14, 2011

Polaris’s Oncology Distress Management System to be Offered in Spanish

Polaris Health Directions is expanding its suite of solutions offered in Spanish to include its oncology distress management system. - August 04, 2011

NJ State Nurses Association to Use Polaris Outcomes System for Substance Abuse to Support Recovering Nurses

Polaris-CD, an outcomes assessment system for chemical dependency, will be used to support recovering nurses who are participating in the Recovery and Monitoring Program. - July 16, 2011

Polaris Explores Developing Outcomes Management Solution for Teen Dating Violence

In response to the serious public health issue of teen dating violence, Polaris is exploring the feasibility of building an adolescent application based on its outcomes management solution for domestic violence. - June 23, 2011

When Prompted, Many Cancer Patients Indicate They Want Treatment for Depression, Smoking

A clinical trial launched by Polaris Health Directions that is examining the impact of using a distress outcomes management system with cancer patients is off to a strong start. - June 09, 2011

Polaris Presents at 2011 CANS Conference

Polaris presented at this year's CANS Conference on using clinical data to develop predictive algorithms that can be used to enhance treatment planning and management. - May 26, 2011

Canadian Military Begins Using New Version of Polaris’s Mental Health Assessment System

Polaris has implemented the latest version of its mental health outcomes assessment system at the Stadacona clinic, a medical facility in Halifax, N.S., that serves the Canadian Forces, giving them access to a host of new features, including an expanded measure for PTSD. - May 11, 2011

From the Ivory Tower to the Clinic: Polaris Study on Translating Addictions Research Into Practice Published in Addictive Behaviors

In an article for the journal, Addictive Behaviors, Polaris Health Directions discusses the vast benefits of outcomes management systems and the potential they hold to bring addictions treatment to a new level. - April 09, 2011

Polaris to Exhibit at Pennsylvania Community Providers Association Technology Conference

Polaris Health Directions will feature several of its behavioral health outcomes management systems at the Pennsylvania Community Providers Association Technology Conference. - March 10, 2011

Polaris Launches Clinical Trial to Study Impact of a Psychosocial Outcomes Management System for Oncology

A computerized method for screening and referral for psychological distress among cancer patients may improve the mental health care they receive, lead to a better quality of life and lower the long-term costs related to poor mental health and increased health care utilization. - February 12, 2011

Getting Smokers to Quit- Polaris Study Shows Effectiveness of Automated Referral, Motivational Assessment

A new innovative smoking cessation program that improves the quality of interventions smokers receive in the emergency room and other medical settings may represent an opportunity to better address one of the most important modifiable health risk factors plaguing Americans. - January 21, 2011

Polaris Health Directions Welcomes Two New Clients

Polaris is pleased to announce its new clients: Sunny Hills Services and The Bridge Health Clinics & Research Centers, Inc. - December 17, 2010

Polaris Launches New Version of Its Adult Mental Health Outcomes System

Polaris has rolled out the next version of Polaris-MH, which includes a number of enhancements to help providers deliver better care at lower costs, and will complement the system’s current ability to identify strength and problem areas and determine the best course of treatment. - December 02, 2010

Polaris Research Identifies Factors for Predicting Likelihood of Revictimization Among Abused Women

Polaris Health Directions has added predictive analytics to its outcomes system for domestic violence to help treatment providers gauge the probability of repeat abuse. - November 04, 2010

New Training Platform Helps Medical Professionals Improve Care for Abused Women

Polaris Health Directions is adding a training component to its domestic violence outcomes system to help medical professionals better address the psychological issues of abused women. - October 22, 2010

Polaris Awarded NIH Funding for Its Groundbreaking HIV and Substance Abuse Treatment Referral System for Primary Care

STaRS is Polaris’s answer to the call for a fast and effective means for substance abuse detection and treatment referral. - October 08, 2010

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