Dieting Research Wins Funding Award

The founder of a leading problem eating and weight control charity has been awarded a university funding package to conduct a detailed academic study into the West's dieting obsessions. - June 07, 2007

Weight Control Charity Set for Major Growth

A campaigning weight control charity has won major grant aid to develop its worldwide research and support activities. - December 02, 2006

World Beyond Dieting Week

A prominent weight-control charity has declared the inaugural “World Beyond Dieting Week” to strengthen the fight against growing obesity and endemic failed dieting. - October 03, 2006

“Don't Steal our Meals,” Say Dieting Experts

Weight-control charity The Weight Foundation exposes new exploitative food industry tactics and launches a free and collaborative web-based self-help system for problem dieters. - September 01, 2006

New Dieting Test

A leading problem-eating organization has developed a dieting behavior self-test, underpinned by a radical new understanding of what the dieting lifestyle actually comprises, to help dieters identify their relationship with food and eating. - August 22, 2006

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