Sipensys Introduces Market Research Language …for Questionnaire Authoring and Survey Programming Automation

Sipensys Inc. introduces a new questionnaire authoring language known as Market Research Language (MRL). It enables market researchers to use a single, simple language for both questionnaire authoring and survey programming. - June 04, 2010

Sipensys Releases QNR Master 3.1

Sipensys Inc. has released a new and a more advanced version of the QNR Master which enables researchers to work with pipes, skips and advanced logic. - June 04, 2010

Sipensys Announces QNR Master 2.0 Questionnaire Authoring and Survey Programming Automation Software

Sipensys Inc. has announced immediate availability of the Sipensys QNR Master 2.0, enabling market research companies and departments to streamline questionnaire authoring and automate survey programming. Sipensys QNR Master 2.0 is the first questionnaire authoring tool designed to help... - April 08, 2010

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