Memmert Develops Cooled Vacuum Oven

As the first manufacturer worldwide, Memmert has developed a cooled vacuum oven. Low temperature vacuum drying on a laboratory scale is applied among other things during the drying of bacteria and starter cultures or in the simulation of storage conditions during long distance flights. The cooled... - May 27, 2012

Memmert Climate Chamber ICH with CO2 Control

The climate chamber with CO2 and humidity control expands the Memmert portfolio by a multitude of new applications. - October 20, 2011

The Memmert Vacuum Oven VO is the Desired Model with Application-Related Options

From February 2011, Memmert is offering the vacuum oven VO as an attractively priced standard model which can be extended with freely selectable options so that it can be customised precisely to meet the exact needs of the customer. Digital pressure control for programming vacuum cycles, as well... - August 21, 2011

Stability Tests in the Climate Chamber ICH

The new Memmert climate chamber ICH has been specifically designed for stability tests in accordance with GMP and ICH guidelines. In order to uniformly heat or cool the chamber, Memmert deploys an air jacket temperature control system in its new climate chamber ICH 256. Thanks to the excellent... - August 11, 2011

New Memmert Constant Climate Chamber HPP 108 with Light

The Memmert constant climate chamber literally is the brightest star of the Schwabach-based company’s product portfolio. - February 10, 2011

Memmert Performs Testing in Line with the Stricter Standard 12880

As the very first manufacturer of temperature control appliances, Memmert had signed up to the more rigorous requirements of the current DIN 12880:2007-05 for the temperature testing of ovens and incubators even before the new test standard had come into effect. Memmert now uses this test procedure in its final inspections for all other ovens as well. - January 04, 2011

Ceremonial Opening of Memmert Branch in China

In the Chinese year of the tiger, Memmert opened its first foreign branch. Red was the unifying element of the colourful ceremony, with which the era of Memmert (Shanghai) Trading Co. Ltd. in China began on 11th September 2010 in the Shanghai Science & Technology Museum. - October 06, 2010

Memmert Opens First Subsidiary in Shanghai

Optimizing close contact to the client supported the decision to open the first Memmert subsidiary in growth market China. - August 01, 2010

Memmert Vacuum Oven is Celebrating Its 10th Birthday

Memmert is granting a five-year guarantee on all vacuum ovens VO ordered between July 1st and December 31st 2010. - July 04, 2010

Memmert Launches First Peltier-Cooled Storage Chamber IPS

Memmert expands its energy-efficient product range of temperature-controlled laboratory appliances based on Peltier technology. - April 17, 2010

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