Memmert Launches First Peltier-Cooled Storage Chamber IPS

Memmert expands its energy-efficient product range of temperature-controlled laboratory appliances based on Peltier technology.

Nuremberg, Germany, April 17, 2010 --( Why design the performance of an incubator for rapid, and thus energy-intensive, heating up and cooling down phases, when it is used mainly for storing BOD5 samples, drinks containers or cosmetics at constant temperatures over long periods? As a consequence of this consideration, Memmert Engineering developed the new IPS storage chamber, based on Peltier technology, with a temperature range from +14 °C to +45 °C and a chamber volume of 749 litres.

The heating and cooling technology was designed precisely for uniform conditions close to the ambient temperature, and offers an energy-saving, and thus climate-friendly alternative for the long-term storage of cosmetics, for instance. Running with no vibration and above all practically noiseless, this innovative heating and cooling technology saves on operating costs to a considerable extent. Not only does energy consumption drop, which can make a big difference for companies and institutions with environment certification, but also the costs for refrigerants and maintenance of the refrigeration technology are removed entirely.

About Memmert:

Already in its third generation, Memmert GmbH, with more than 150 employees at two locations in Germany, develops and manufactures universal ovens, incubators, sterilisers, vacuum drying ovens, Peltier-cooled incubators, CO2 incubators, humidity chambers, constant climate chambers, climatic test chambers and waterbaths.

The appliances are used for a very wide range of applications – including the following areas:

industrial material and component inspection
biological, chemical and food research
wide-ranging quality tests in sophisticated production processes
Human and veterinary medicine

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