ISC Announces No Mark-Up Shipping Cost for Network or Telecom Computer Rack and Rackmount Accessories

The actual cost of transporting their computer rack and computer cabinet options, along with all their equipment in a rack in their portfolio of networking products and telecommunications. - December 04, 2010

ISC Introduces Economical No Rackmount Powerstrips in Addition to Advanced Rackmount PDUs

The IT industry has been demanding more complex units of vertical distribution and Rack Power Strips, or power in modern data centers today that can handle larger loads. - December 03, 2010

ISC Server Rack Selections Address Reality of Today’s IT Budgets

With the economy sputtering in the last two years, officials have seen their budgets reduced to a level of depressing. ISC has responded tight budgets with a choice of rack servers, which offer great value for money. - December 02, 2010

ISC Introduces a Space Saving Wallmount Server Rack for 19inch Rackmount Servers

ISC bringing in a space saving wallmount server rack for rackmount servers of 19inch size. Available in various sizes like 2U, 3U and 4U in wallmount server racks. - October 30, 2010

ISC Defines the Names Server Rack, Server Cabinet, Computer Rack, and Computer Cabinet to Avoid Possible Catastrophic Consequences

ISC, Information Support Concepts, Inc. has launched a campaign to define the names server rack, server cabinet, computer rack, and computer cabinet to avoid industry confusion and prevent possible catastrophic consequences for the end user. According to Kevin Hunt, VP Sales & Marketing,... - October 15, 2010

ISC Introduces 19 Inch RCU Series Rackmount Powerstrips with Remote Outlet Control and Current Monitoring

ISC has introduced 20A and 30A Geist RacSense rackmount powerstrips of 19 inch. These rackmount powerstrips are coming with remote control of individual on-off outlet control. - October 07, 2010

ISC Introduces 3U Server Rack Cabinet

3U Server rack cabinet endow with an explanation to the increasing POS applications which do not require full size cabinet. - September 18, 2010

ISC Introduces New Rackmount Powerstips - Power Distribution Units with Environmental Monitoring

RacSense Master RSM Rackmount Powerstrips and Vertical Power Distribution Units that incorporate environmental monitoring. - September 09, 2010

ISC Introduces 3-New Server Rack, Computer Cabinet Modular 19inch Rackmount Shelf Options

Three new 19inch universal modular rackmount shelves to fit the ever changing depths of computer cabinets and server racks. - September 08, 2010

ISC Introduces the XRN Series Server Rack for Apple Xserve and Xserver Raid

XRN Server Racks specially designed to reduce noise and increase air flow for Apple servers such as XServe and XServer Raid. - September 03, 2010

ISC Officially Adopts the Spelling of Rack Mount as Rackmount

ISC, Information Support Concepts, Inc. has officially changed the two word grammatically correct Rack Mount into one word Rackmount on their catalog and advertising. According to Kevin Hunt, VP Sales & Marketing, “in the technical field, words and definitions change quickly and it is... - August 13, 2010

ISC Announces Recession Buster Computer Rack for Small Business Network Managers

No Budget computer rack that can make a real difference to today’s small business Network Manager that is caught between the proverbial rock and a hard place. - August 12, 2010

Portable Air Conditioner for Server Rack Hot Spots

New portable air conditioner designed for hot spots in data centers, server rack rooms, entertainment centers and other similar environments. - August 11, 2010

ISC Adds Two New “U” Size Cabinets to Their East Coast Server Rack Series

The 26U and 36U server racks include perforated split rear doors, removable side panels, perforated front and grounding pin. - August 08, 2010

Rackmount Powerstrip (PDU) with Power & Environmental Monitoring Addresses Data Center Issues

The Geist RSM Series rackmount powerstrip power distribution unit with Power and Environmental Monitoring. The RMS series combines complete monitoring with standard environmental monitoring to create the ultimate power monitoring strip. - July 08, 2010

ISC Adds More Flexibility to One of the Most Flexible 4-Post Server Rack Frames Available

The A Series has long been popular with Network and Telecom managers because of the ability to order different heights, a choice of tapped or square hole rack rails in either 19" or 23" EIA standards and the adjustability of 26"-42" of depth. - July 03, 2010

ISC, Information Support Concepts, Inc. Introduces 4 Series of Low Profile Server Rack Cabinets

Blade servers are becoming common in office areas and while creating extra computer power, they are causing other problems such as security, noise and heat. - June 06, 2010

Texas Company Takes the Sting Out of Server Rack Pricing

Texas Company takes the sting out of server racks. Good news when it comes to spending money on new server racks. - May 14, 2010

Rackmount Powerstrip or Vertical Powerstrip PDU’s Can be Operated Remotely and Provide Environmental Data

ISC, Information Support Concepts, Inc. announces new line of Geist Rackmount Powerstrip and Vertical PDU models that have the ability to be accessed remotely and access key environmental factors such as heat and humidity in sensitive computer environments. Introduced originally as RacSense and now... - May 01, 2010

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