Visionary People's CEO Writes and Publishes Her New Book as a Global Fundraiser for Children

According to the Brain Research Institute study, statistics revealed 75% of crimes are committed by high school drop outs. The national drop rate is 8.1% and in Jamaica the dropout rate in 2000 was topping at 6.1%. The male gender accounts for 9.1% of drop outs and the female gender accounts for 7.0% of the drop outs (SBRI, 2015). In 2007, the CDC reported that homicide was one of the five leading causes of death among adolescents and children (CDC,2007). - January 19, 2016

Corporations Use Non-Traditional Wellness Programs to Attract Top Talent

Visionary People, LLC and affiliates are hosting one of the "HR Directors Munch & Learn" Seminars on Wednesday October 14th, 2015 at 11:30am located at 900 Circle 75 Pkwy 16th Floor Suite 1690 Atlanta, Georgia 30339. With the changing landscape of health insurance through the... - September 30, 2015

Visionary People Shows Small Businesses How to Win $1 Million Contract

Visionary People Media is hosting the next Live TV Show "A Day In the Life Of Business" on Wednesday August 13th at 10:30am. The focus of this episode is "How to Grow a Business through Corporate & Government Contracts." The business show is being taped and aired live from... - June 20, 2014

Host of Visionary People TV Prepares to Expose the Elite 4 Women of Influence in Atlanta

On Wednesday April 16th, 2014 at 10:30am host and producer, Natasha Davis of Visionary People TV will expose the Elite 4 Women of Influence in Atlanta at the live TV Show "A Day In The Life Of Business" ( The 3 year old TV Show is being taped and aired live from The... - April 02, 2014

Visionary People, LLC Receives 2013 Georgia Excellence Award in Marketing

Visionary People LLC ( has been selected for the 2013 Georgia Excellence Award amongst all its peers and competitors by the US Institute for Excellence in Commerce (USIEC). The company is a certified Woman Owned Business, Minority Owned Business and Local Small Business... - February 17, 2014

Small Woman Owned Business Gone Rogue to Pursue Success

Visionary People, LLC was established in February of 2007 by Natasha Davis-Bowen. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the most valuable resources in the business community. Known as a business management consulting firm, Visionary People is a two-fold company. They help the small... - January 21, 2014

Visionary People and Executives Teach Entrepreneurs How to be Profitable

The spirit of Entrepreneurship continues to resonate through the city of Atlanta Georgia. On Wednesday February 12, 2014 at 10:30am in Decatur, Georgia Visionary People will help the business community understand how to convert their "Passion in to Profits"... - January 19, 2014

Visionary People Media Takes "A Day In The Life Of Business" Over the Top

On Wednesday November 13th, Visionary People Media ( hosted their two years strong celebratory TV Show, "A Day In The Life Of Business." The special episode was taped and aired live from The BizLynks Center located at 3665 Club Drive, Duluth Georgia. The BizLynks Center,... - November 18, 2013

Visionary People Makes Huge Quantum Leaps Just in Time for 2014

As a small independently owned business, Visionary People, LLC entered 2013 with a clear focus on the goals they wanted to accomplish. These accomplishments have helped position the company for greater growth spurts & stability. Statistics on small businesses reveal that surviving beyond the first three years has become the benchmark, where it once was five years. Visionary People will celebrate it's 7th year in February 2014. - October 17, 2013

Visionary People Media Showcases the Visionary of Caregivers 911 Launch Benefit

Caregivers 911 is a nonprofit organization launched to help support those who sacrifice their own wants for the needs of loved ones. Visionary People Media, received notice that the organization would hold their launch event in Atlanta and wanted to support the cause by complimenting onsite promotional marketing. The average caregiver dedicates any additional 20 hours a week caring for their loved one, often times loosing work-life balance. Caregivers 911 stand in the gap and cares for them. - August 02, 2013

Visionary People is Certified to Provide the Government with Services

Visionary People, LLC was established in February of 2007 by Natasha Davis-Bowen. Since then, the company has grown to become one of the most valuable resources in the small business community. Known as a business development and creative marketing consulting firm, Visionary People helps the small... - June 14, 2013

Visionary People Gains the Collaborative Partnership from a Local Atlanta Bank

Today's economy seems to connect large company's with small company's in order to provide even stronger service. Financial institutes are finding ways to be an integral part in the community and viewed as a partner in business. They are helping businesses to open doors and they are creating opportunities for economic growth. On May 10th, Visionary People and the West Main Street PNC Bank agreed to be collaborative partners on the education initiative for the Entrepreneurs in Atlanta. - May 18, 2013

Visionary People Media Spotlights the Leaders of Evolution in Atlanta

On Wednesday May 8th 2013 at 10:30am Visionary People Media will host the next Live TV Show "A Day In The Life Of Business"; where Leaders of Evolution in Atlanta will be featured. The show will be taped and aired live from the shows corporate sponsor location, The BizLynks Center 3665... - May 02, 2013

The Chief Visionary Hits Another Pivotal Milestone with Visionary People

Since launching the Strategic Business Development and Marketing company in February 2007 Natasha Davis-Bowen has kept the Visionary People moving. Helping businesses grow through the use of strategy, innovation, technology and execution is the company's specialty. Now she and her team hit another pivotal milestone starting April 1st, 2013. - March 28, 2013

Bringing the Opportunity of Doing Global Business to the Heart of Atlanta

Micro-Businesses are venturing out to engage global business more and more these days. The opportunities and collaboration that happen through globalization are instrumental in the growth of Micro-Businesses. Once the business community gains more knowledge they can make globalization of business more profitable. VP Media will bring three of the most influential leaders in the Global Business Industry for the business community to learn from and connect with. - March 06, 2013

Companies in Georgia & Tennessee Partner to Open Doors of Opportunity for Businesses in Tennessee

The Business Community of Tennessee will be exposed to more opportunities for profitable business success. The Business Development Bootcamp Tour will arrive in Chattanooga TN on March 1st, 2013. - February 03, 2013

Visionary People’s Natasha Davis-Bowen Gets Inducted Into the City

On Wednesday, January 16, 2013, Rockdale-Conyers Business community & Chamber of Commerce officially inducted the Chief Visionary, Natasha Davis-Bowen with the official welcome into the city. - January 24, 2013

Visionary People Helps to Debunk the Myths of Business Success on the Live TV Show

The Business Community have been faced with tremendous challenges over the past several years. Yet, the opportunity to be successful is still available to many. Visionary People Media will break in the New Year by debunking the myths to business success on the popular TV Show "A Day In The Life Of Business" this Wednesday January 9th live. - January 08, 2013

Visionary People Raises Awareness for Partnership Against Domestic Violence Through Giving

On December 18, 2012, Visionary People will host a contribution drive for PADV, a women’s organization helping the stop of domestic violence against women and children. Givers will have a chance to help this holiday season through many ways, “Adopt a safe house; Holiday Boutique; Stuff a Stocking; And Gift Cards.” - December 13, 2012

Atlanta's Trendsetters in Business Came to Visionary People TV

With the evolution of the new economy, Micro-Businesses are having to learn how to stay cutting edge, efficient and proftable. On the popular streamed TV Show, " A Day In The Life Of Business," the Chief Visionary & Host welcomed the Atlantan Trendsetters In Business to the stage for this purpose. - November 11, 2012

Visionary People TV Opens the Doors for More Visionary's in Business to be Profitable

On Wednesday June 13th 2012, The Chief Visionary brought three industry experts to the popular streamed TV Show "A Day In The Life Of Business" to educate the business community on valuable principles needed in order to dominate their industry. - June 17, 2012

The Chief Visionary Welcomes CNN Contributor & Award Winning CEO's to VP TV

On June 13th, 2012 Visionary People's CEO will welcome a panel of experts in the finance industry and business development industry to VP TV on the popular streamed TV Show "A Day In The Life Of Business." Audience members and online viewers will learn first hand from these experts key techniques on how to dominate an industry. - June 09, 2012

Visionary People TV Delivers Another Pivotal Episode with Four Powerful Women

Visionary People TV offered another pivotal episode on April 11th where The Chief Visionary interviewed a panel of Four Influential Women in Business. These women who have demonstrated courage in order to be successful shared their knowledge on how they accomplished it. - April 18, 2012

Visionary People TV Airs Another Powerhouse Episode, Highlighting Women for Courage and Success

Visionary People TV premieres high level, high quality Live TV Shows every other month. Each episode offers the business community applicable and valuable information for development. On April 11th, 2012 VP TV highlights four influential community leaders in the Georgia. - April 07, 2012

Business Economist and Business Strategist from Visionary People Joined Forces to Empower Women Internationally

On March 8th 2012 two women joined forces to create an empowering circle for Elite Women to network, collaborate and impact nations. Commemorating International Women’s Day with a luncheon, was set to celebrate with 25 women, to the founders' surprise it attracted over 38 women. - March 14, 2012

Rev. Al Sharpton's Organization NAN Joins Visionary People's Business Development Initiative to Cross International Borders

On Wednesday February 8th 2012 at 11am Visionary People gives business owners the opportunity and knowledge to Engage International Commerce. The next episode of this popular Internet TV Show “A Day In The Life Of Business” brings four International Business Experts to deliver applicable knowledge on growth. With over 500 small businesses closing their doors annually, the economy needs this stimulation. - February 07, 2012

The World Chamber of Commerce Welcomes Chief Visionary, Natasha

On December 15th, 2011 the Founder and the incoming President welcomed Natasha Davis Bowen to join the World Chamber of Commerce as one of the Directors that will take the organization to new places in 2012. Natasha was proud to celebrate this pivotal moment with five other newly appointed organization directors. - December 29, 2011

Visionary People Joins the Efforts to Stop the Fail Rate of Small Businesses

The failing rate of Georgia's small businesses peaks at over 500 annually leaving the economy with fewer opportunities to be stimulated. Small businesses account for over 95% of US companies and supplies over 70% of the job market. Visionary People steps in, to assist in Stopping the Failing rate of Businesses on November 9th 2011 in Duluth Georgia. - November 05, 2011

Visionary People Gets Author Nivedita Sponsored by Chick-Fil-A

Visionary People focuses on enhancing recognition for Author Nivedita Raghunath. She reached out to VP's marketing service for her published children's book "Rani's Adventures." Visionary People gets author sponsored by Chick-Fil-A. Now, on October 8th Rani makes a live appearance at Chick-Fil-A. - October 01, 2011

Visionary People CEO Named One of the Executive Professional Entrepreneurs of the Year

With consistent growth on the mind of CEO Natasha Davis-Bowen she is pleasantly surprised by the award as one of the Executive Professional Entrepreneurs of the Year by Mr. Donald Trump Jr. Cambridge Who's Who honorary club is known as the most prestigious organizations for Global Networking of Professionals. - September 03, 2011

Visionary People Promotes Drink More Java and Create More Survivors

Visionary People elevates the Target 1000 Campaign to directly impact the lives of those desiring greater physical health and financial health. Visionary People is raising funds for the American Cancer Society through its Organo Gold Organization. As a Liaison Committee Member of American Cancer Society and Organo Gold Distributor the Chief Visionary, Natasha Davis-Bowen says "Focus on maintaining Physical Health & Financial Health as the two things that will either make or break your Wealth." - December 19, 2010

Natasha, the Chief Visionary is Highlighted as a Mover & Shaker

Natasha Davis Bowen referred to as the Chief Visionary attracts the attention of two magazines. Highlighted as one of the movers and shakers in business by one magazine and hailed as a mentor affecting change by another. The CEO of Visionary People says " I'm just doing what God appointed me to do." - October 30, 2010

Visionary People Shifts from Mainstream to Mass Media Marketing

The founder of Visionary People, Natasha Davis-Bowen known as the Chief Visionary has transformed another vision into reality. Embracing the world of today's media is her latest success. She has built another division in her company where productivity, progress and success continues to be emulated. - October 17, 2010

Visionary People Joins Forces with the Georgia Teenwork Program

Visionary People has joined forces with the Georgia TeenWork Program in their efforts to provide Georgia high school teens with an outlet to learn business, learn better work habits and earn some money this summer. Natasha Davis-Bowen who is the founder of Visionary People says "As a business owner it's a privilege to have the opportunity to share another side of life with the teens." - June 21, 2010

Business Owners Join Visionary People to Re-Generate & Re-Invent for Greater Elevation at the 2010 Entrepreneurs Unite Conference in Georgia

Visionary People, LLC is proud to present the 2010 Entrepreneur's Unite Conference. This annual conference is the hub for business owners to Re-Generate and Re-Invent themselves for greater elevation. Not only will entrepreneurs enjoy a day full of knowledge and networking, they will also be surprised by the special entertainment session. August 27th is the day exclusively set aside for Entrepreneur's to Learn, Unite and Grow. - June 03, 2010

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