Visionary People Makes Huge Quantum Leaps Just in Time for 2014

As a small independently owned business, Visionary People, LLC entered 2013 with a clear focus on the goals they wanted to accomplish. These accomplishments have helped position the company for greater growth spurts & stability. Statistics on small businesses reveal that surviving beyond the first three years has become the benchmark, where it once was five years. Visionary People will celebrate it's 7th year in February 2014.

Atlanta, GA, October 17, 2013 --( Visionary People, LLC is an independently woman owned small business making quantum leaps. The Strategic Business Development and Marketing consulting firm launched on February 18th, 2007. Headquartered in Snellville, Georgia, they had an intention to help the Business Community access opportunities and resources while staying in a constant movement forward towards profitability. The year of 2013 has been a year that echo's this mission.

CEO and Founder, Natasha Davis-Bowen referred to as "The Chief Visionary" witnessed Entrepreneurship at its best by watching her father and mentor, take a simple idea and commit to transforming it into a thriving business. She learned at a very early age the principles of hard work, dedication, vision and perseverance.

Now, 7 years later, Visionary People, LLC is a well positioned company offering services to not only the Small Business Community but also multi-national Corporations and Government Organizations on Federal, State and Local levels. As of 2013, the company became an official certified Woman Owned Small Business (ED-WOSB), Disadvantaged Business Enterprise (DBE), Minority Business Enterprise (MBE), Women Business Enterprise (WBE) and soon to be a certified 8a and GSA company.

Research has proven that there are well over 24 billion registered businesses operating in the U.S. Yet, surprisingly only an estimated 10,000 of those businesses will seek and complete certifications, especially 8a and GSA. Because of this disparity, Natasha and her team have committed to their new movement to 1) Align themselves for continued growth and 2) Help other Small Businesses do the same. This movement has been effectively entitled "Moving Forward". Natasha learned the principles of scaling a company's products and services for growth. She implemented those principles in Visionary People and is now ready to show other interested small businesses how to do the same.

This year, Visionary People, LLC has also created & launched a one of a kind, business growth diagnostic software & tool that helps consultants, coaches and other business service providers, improve the way they attract clients and provide service to their clients. The "Business Growth Analysis" helps consultants and coaches quickly identify vulnerable areas affecting their clients ability to grow. It then highlights those specific areas that need to be worked on and monitors how it's being corrected. The software is currently in Visionary People's IT division being formatted for public release. The diagnostic tool is now only being used exclusively by Visionary People, LLC and is projected to be available for public use by the winter of 2014.

As a growing company, Visionary People is actively increasing communication with larger companies to leverage the opportunities that come with strategic collaborations. CEO, Natasha Davis-Bowen states "In the world of business Collaboration trumps Isolation any day of the week. Companies, both large and small have the same needs and the same goals. Those goals are to serve clients better, improve productivity and move the business forward " Visionary People hosts exclusive monthly gatherings where CEO's and C+ level Executives join together to discuss viable methods to leverage collaboration for growth.

As they prepare for 2014, strategic collaboration is the main focus for this thriving Small Business. More details on the company may be found online.

Natasha, is now accepting interviews to discuss the "Moving Forward" movement & the new "Business Growth Analysis" diagnostic software. Please contact Visionary People, LLC at 678-390-2681 for interview scheduling.
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