Sir Paco Prator Releases His Gift of Healing This Christmas Season

Following the current trends of technology and increased demand for eBooks and eBook readers, Sir Paco Prator repackages his book, Shyama’s Book of Life and Healing into the eBook experience, just in time for Christmas. Not only does the eBook release meet the demand of devoted and prospective eBook and eBook readers, but the message of Shyama’s Book of Life and Healing is apropos this Christmas season. - December 22, 2010

New Author, Sir Paco Prator Offers Followers the Chance of Healing via Twitter

As technology is overtaking traditional means of communication and how we receive information in new formats and media, we are well informed, well connected, but yet disconnected and detached from spirit, life force and any significant meaning. It is not just the dilemma of techies, teenagers or the average citizen who relies on technology for organizing their social and business affairs, but also for the spiritual leaders, healers who may seem out of sync with the whereabouts of their clients. - June 16, 2010

New Author, Sir Paco Prator Empowers Self and Readers with His First New Book Release, "Shyama’s Book of Life and Healing"

Sir Paco Prator is amongst the new wave of self-publish authors who are becoming the new voices of this generation. His book, "Shyama's Book of Life and Healing,"represents the new shift in consciousness, where people no longer look to flawed spiritual leaders for answers about life and God, but are beginning to look within themselves. - May 20, 2010

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