New Author, Sir Paco Prator Empowers Self and Readers with His First New Book Release, "Shyama’s Book of Life and Healing"

Sir Paco Prator is amongst the new wave of self-publish authors who are becoming the new voices of this generation. His book, "Shyama's Book of Life and Healing,"represents the new shift in consciousness, where people no longer look to flawed spiritual leaders for answers about life and God, but are beginning to look within themselves.

New York, NY, May 20, 2010 --( “Shyama’s Book of Life and Healing,” is the first self-published work to be released by Sir Paco Prator. It isn’t only unique in its content, but it is a work that sets the momentum of change in how we see ourselves and life. The intention of the release of this book, is not to be on the best sellers list, but it is to be a catalyst of change and the uprising of truth. The public is disillusioned by so much corruption and cover ups in religion, business and politics, that they are confused as to what or who to believe as a reliable source of truth. "Shyama's Book of Life and Healing," doesn't tell you what or who to believe, but demonstrates what life is all about and gives the reader the wisdom and tools to use to discern their life. It is a book that will definitely get people talking and thinking.

Sir Paco Prator, a self described unconventional person, wanted to present this work in an unconventional manner, thus "Shyama's Book of Life and Healing," will be exclusively sold online at and The idea is for the book to build momentum through word of mouth, the online community as well as periodicals. When asked who this book is for, Sir Paco Prator always says, "The book is for either the open heart or the wounded heart. Its not for those in between, because those in between think they have no needs." A Fall independent book store tour is in the works to reach out and build awareness of the book and its message.

About the Author:

Sir Paco Prator, resides in the New York City area and has a diverse background in the entertainment field, as both a performer and screenwriter. He now maintains a low key lifestyle, shying away from his old industry. He is an entrepreneur who enjoys investing and trading. But, most of all, he is a devoted Yogi who follows daily strict meditation and clean living standards that keep him healthy, happy and blissful.

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