Announcing a Credit Repair Business Opportunity for Minorities

At a time when America passes the 300 million mark in population a majority of the increase has been from minorities immigrating to this country. Many of which have a hard time getting jobs that pay beyond the minimum wage or starting a business beyond labor type service. - November 11, 2006

New Business Opportunity Taps into a Woman’s Natural Advantage

Good credit is essential today. Without it one cannot qualify for a mortgage, finance a car, get a bank loan or even open a gas charge card. The Credit Money Machine is a new software program that caters to a woman's natural communication advantage. - October 15, 2006

New Business Opportunity to Boost Credit Scores

The Credit Money Machine, a new credit repair software, offers financial service providers and entrepreneurs a way to enter the lucrative credit repair industry by boosting credit scores. - October 10, 2006

Mortgage Brokers Can Now Offer Credit Repair as a New Profit Center

Now, mortgage and loan brokers can better control their loan ratios by fixing credit report problems themselves.  In his book Guaranteed Credit (Garrett Publishing 2002) Arnold S. Goldstein claims the three major credit reporting agencies maintain files on over 200 million Americans and... - October 02, 2006

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